Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sepia Bamboo Stamp

A small stamp, also created from a photo here on Oahu. Here I simply took a color photo and used Photoshop to create a sepia image of the bamboo. It wasn't the look I was going for quite yet, so I placed the photo inside a plain postage stamp frame, created a layer of grey under the photo in the layer's pallet and then lowered the opacity of the photo to give it a more aged look. I hope you like it!

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.


Traci said...

I love both this and the bamboo paper. They both look very Old Hawaii. Like I said on another board, you have a real gift! Never let it go!

mhsalgado said...

The sepia touch on this stamp does it for me. It has a very natural, earthy feeling. Thanks.