Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Card

I haven't made one of these before, but it seems to me that if you save it as a jpg with your picture or saying on it and print it out as usual with your photo processing center of choice, you could make your holiday cards for just pennies! If anyone has a good source for buying 4x8 envelopes to put them in, I'd love to hear from you. If I find out, I'll be sure to post it!



Izzy said...

wow, great job. I'm trying to learn on how to do my own. Do you have any suggestions on where or how can I start? my email is

Jody said...

I think I might try to make cards this year. I haven't looked for envelopes, I guess I had better do that first! If you find a source please let us know.

Thanks for sharing

jjstar said...

The best selection of envelopes is They have some really neat styles and lots of sizes to choose from. If you just want a typical A2 envelope...try wal-mart. Have fun!