Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've got some new stuff and a new Freebee too!

So it's Fresh Fruit Friday at Scrap Orchard, and that means NEW STUFF! (INCLUDING A HUGE... GRAB BAG STYLE MEGA!!)

It's over 35.00 worth of Personal and Commercial Use stuff for only... 3 flipping dollars!!

Yeah, you heard right! Only $3.00!!!

Now for MY stuff! LOL!

I've been having a lot of fun lately creating "commercial use" stuff (but you NON commercial using people can have fun with them too!!)

This week I have some new Overlays called "Barely There"

And some new Styles (these are great for designers, but SO fun and easy to use for anyone!!)

Both are on sale for THIS WEEK ONLY!

And I have a Freebee or two for you tonight! I have one here, one is on the Scrap Orchard Blog (with a little challenge for you to go with it!) and then Kami has a companion freebee on HER blog!

Here are the previews and the links (just click on the images to download)!

My freebee is a Personal Use/Commercial Use OK item! So enjoy!

and Here is the Apple Cart Challenge for the SCRAP ORCHARD BLOG

(be patient...we haven't yet posted on the Orchard Blog, so this freebee will be there later Thursday evening!)

And last but not least... here's a link to Kami's blog for her "companion" freebee for the Apple Cart Challenge! Enjoy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ellie's Got a QP too!

Ok, so Ellie didn't have her QP up when I did my post last night, but She's got it up now and it's STUNNING!! So I thought I'd share it with you guys too! Head on over to her blog and download it!

P.S. I've sooo missed blogging! I MUST make some time to make some more freebees/Tuts for you guys, you've frankly been neglected for WAY too long! :)

Click on the image to go to Ellie's Blog

Oops! I forgot to show you the kit! he he he!!

Silly me!

And don't forget the freebee Quick Page below!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Did you think I died?? Nope! I'm just in New Jersey... with a FREEBEE!!!!

OMGosh! This is the longest time in like... what? 9 months? That I haven't blogged, and I have been missing you guys soooo much!

The move has been totally uneventful so I had nothing to write about....

HA HA HA!!! Did you actually believe that??

It has been a crazy, hectic, fabulous, pulling my hair out, Scrap Orchard/Blog withdrawl, stinky internet connection, WONDERFUL move (now that the Army found all of my household furniture and goods).

And we have SOOOO much to catch up on, but it's almost midnight EST (hmmm... dinner time in Hawaii, is THAT why I'm so darn hungry???) and I have the coolest thing to share with you! During my trip, my dear sweet friend, Ellie Lash has taken pity on me and let me design a kit with her!! It turned out so cute (if I do say so myself) and I am desperately trying to get it to you with my Freebee Quick Page (just for you, my blogging buddies!)

So for now you'll just have to settle for my quick Freebee (and maybe . . . just maybe check out the kit that made it out at my store at Scrap Orchard besides... what the heck, it's ON SALE right now and comes with a free add on ... not to mention, OMGosh... do you KNOW what I spent on gas between New Jersey and Los Angeles??? PLUS all the BK kids meals that I had to eat so that Ethan could get ALL the darn Pokemon cards? Give a girl a break ok? HA HA HA!!!)

Hope to see you all at the FIRST EVER SPEED SCRAP challenge at the Orchard tomorrow night, we're chatting, scrapping and giving stuff away! Come on... that is SOOO much better than watching bad Friday night Summer TV RIGHT? Come check it out at 9 p.m. EST, I'll be there with bells on!!

See you there!

oh... yeah.. the freebee! he he he! Here you go! Click on the image or HERE to download it!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

OMGosh! TOO much stuff going on at the Orchard!

And a Freebee from our very own Ellie Lash to boot!

Wow! Pull up a chair and head on over to the Market and Forum here at Scrap Orchard, because we have a TON of stuff going on!!

FIRST OF ALL it is (as always) Fresh Fruit Friday so we have a TON of new stuff for you all! Check them all out HERE

We're ALSO having a HUGE sale here at the Orchard but this time it's a bit different, we're all doing our "own thing", so check out the ad below to see the different sales.

Plus!! Our FABULOUS Co-Owner and gifted Webmistress is opening her very own store at the Orchard! She can pimp our your blog or website like nobody's business, so check out her store (ALL of her services are on sale this week!!!)

PLUS!!! We have our Apple Cart Challenge with a FREEBEE from our very own ELLIE LASH!!! (click on the image at the bottom of this post to take you to the freebee gallery (don't forget to register with the forum/gallery first!)

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST it's another FARMER'S MARKET!!! Right now there are 6 pages of BARGAIN BASEMENT (hellooooo... $1.00!!!) Items in there (including some FULL KITS!), so go stock up while you can!

I TOLD you it was going to be crazy! he he he! Check it all out...


4th of July Sale
Framer's Market - Everything Only $1

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where in the world is Shauna's Family??

Ok... so let's play a game shall we? I'll post pictures of different stops along my journey in the forum at Scrap Orchard, you guys guess (as specifically as you can) where we're at in the picture and along the way over the next two weeks I'll pick random winners to win free stuff from my store and some great coupons too!

Wanna play??

Here's an easy one!

Click HERE to visit the thread in the forum to post your guess!! (remember... be specific!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OMG... Shot for Utah... ended up in Tijuana???

OK, so right now dh, the kids, the dog and our 15 darn suitcases are in our Toyota Sienna driving through Death Valley and headed towards Las Vegas (isn't technology AMAZING??)

THE PLAN was to get off the plane this morning in LA, go to Kami's house for lunch, then head out for Richfield, Utah (half way point from LA to Denver) to spend the night and rest up for the drive to Denver... the plan was a good one, right up until we got to Kami's house and she and I had WAY too much fun (and frankly, after 10 days in a hotel I had WAY too much laundry) so "the plan" got off to a bit of a late start from Kami's, but dh and the kids got some good rest so that he could drive the 7 hours it was supposed to take to get to Richfield.

So we said our goodbyes (and then literally 2 blocks later turned around to pick up dd's ice cream sandwich she had left behind... SIGH) and headed out...

I should first tell you that JUST FOR THIS TRIP dh and I purchased a GPS for the car as it would be soooo much easier than reading a map the whole trip right? (you see where this is going don't you?) and no sooner did we leave Corona, CA and the GPS set us on our trip on I 15... VERY shortly thereafter the 18 hours of traveling with no sleep caught up with me and I fell asleep... I woke up briefly at some point to hear my dd Brittany ask her dad "Dad... did we just make a big circle?" I hear my dh's reply something to the effect of "no... the GPS just sent us on a short detour) and back I fell asleep.

Sometime later I head dh's quickly rising voice ask me to wake up... and I hear the words "Honey... I think I just saw signs for Corona, CA!!!" (the very SAME city that we had left over 2 and a half hours earlier!) Thinking that he was surely joking, I slowly woke up to find that he was pulling into a gas station, pulling out the Atlas and sending dd Emily into the Gas Station to get the address...(JUST SURE that despite what I was telling him that we were NOT somehow back in Corona having just driven in a circle for almost 3 hours?? LMBO!)

And yet, after a short discussion, look at the map and the dim memory of getting onto I 15 SOUTH out of Corona we realized that we somehow took the interstate in the WRONG direction right out of the gate and the GPS hadn't turned dh around until the darn interstate ENDED...


And that, dear friends is how we "Shot for Utah, and NEARLY ended up in Tijuana!

(the moral of the story? Um... when driving in an unfamiliar state at night, don't trust the GPS, while your co-pilot/wife is sleeping!?)

P.S. Kami, if you're reading this, I KNOW that you are laughing your BUTT off right now... please know that I tried to convince Chris to simply stop in Corona so that we could crash at your place,(would you not have JUST DIED if we had shown up at your door at 10:00 last night??) but I think his "man pride" prevented THAT from happening... as we speak it's 2:00 a.m. local time, we've JUST passed through Vegas and the plan is to drive STRAIGHT to Denver...

Um... could have been worse right? I could be lost somewhere deep in Mexico???

P.P.S... using my mobile broadband, a google image search for Tijuana and a little Photoshop magic THIS is my vision of how it might have been had the GPS allowed us to go just a LITTLE bit further south! he he he! (my dh is the one on the LEFT if you hadn't already guessed that! ha ha ha!!!)

1st post from the mainland!

So I'm sitting here in fellow Scrap Orchard owner, Kami's, living room as she's cropping and "fixing" photos of us that her mom took of us earlier (her mom is HYSTERICAL by the way!) Her house was our first stop on our cross country family "adventure" from LA to New Jersey. (actually our first stop was the USO at LAX where the family waited for dh to go pick up our van from it's cross-pacific trip from Hawaii to California, but I digress! LOL!)

So anyway... here I am (doing laundry by the way) while my entire family is racked out on Kami's living room floor...

Kami and I are having a ball, and wishing that New Jersey and California weren't so darn far away! LOL

Next stop... Utah

p.s. (when I get a chance, I'll fill y'all in on my nervous breakdown at Honolulu International Airport... SIGH... it's a good one!!)

oh... you want to see the photo that we took?? Well... it's not flattering in the least, but... well you asked for it, and we WERE having a blast!!