Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fresh Fruit, A Mystery Mega, and a New Challenge!

Check out the new goodies in the Orchard this week! And as always, they're all on sale for a short time! The BIG surprise this week is our new MYSTERY MEGA! This beauty is only $3.00 THIS WEEK ONLY! After this week we'll reveal what's inside, but then you'll have to pay full price!

(hint hint: This mega has: An Alpha, A Mega Kit, A Brag Book, PLUS Commercial Use Brushes, Overlays and Styles!) ALL FOR 3 dollars!!!

The Mystery Mega as well as all of the products that you see below can be found in the

FRESH FRUIT section of the Orchard!

And now for the challenge of the week! This week's challenge is a FRUIT SALAD challenge (in other words, designers' choice!) Kami is hosting this weeks' challenge so the winner will get a gift certificate to Kami's Store!

And WHAT is the challenge? Easy! Kami's giving you a "recipe", you include the following ingredients in your layout... then post them in the Fruit Salad Gallery this time next week she'll pick a winner! Here's your recipe!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ahhh Hawaii (and some bathroom humor thrown in for a giggle)

I love Hawaii! (ESPECIALLY when my dh takes all three of my children and my dog back to clean our house and leaves me at the Hilton to sun and shop!) It was a much needed relaxing day! Here is the view from my lanai (um... porch or patio to you mainlanders?) LOL!

Not that I spent too much time there... too busy by the pool or in the shops! LOL!

So, now to the "bathroom humor" so be forewarned, if you're offended by, well... how do I put this delicately? Fart jokes? LOL!! Then perhaps you should stop reading, but me? OMGosh... no matter how old I get or how hard I try to be "grown up" and proper, gas and everything about it makes me laugh! (ok you know my dirty little secret! LOL!)

So anyway Kami (fellow Scrap Orchard owner) and I are chatting tonight on the phone...

BTW... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMI!!!!!!! (sorry, I had to put that in there! he he he!)

and she tells me that her dd said the funniest thing recently (sorry, you'll have to go to KAMI'S BLOG to read that story! LOL) and I had to share with her one of my personal favorites! So we thought, for those of you...who like us... find inappropriate humor HYSTERICALLY funny... we'd both share! LOL

So my dd Emily (who is now 14 and will simply DIE that I'm telling you this) was around Kami's daughter's age she and I were walking hand in hand in a parking lot. Out of nowhere my dear sweet baby girl absolutely let one rip... like... loudly.. so loudly in fact that it startled her! LOL! she whipped around and looked behind her... clearly surprised that such a sound had come from her... and said (with the most hysterically funny and nearly frightened face) "Mommy! My butt made noise!!"

Ladies... I nearly wet myself laughing at her! Literally! I laughed and laughed (and frankly... am still laughing at the memory of it) and to this day... in our family, you'll often hear the words... "awwww (fill in the blank) did your butt make noise?"

Ha ha ha!! So come on ladies... you know you have them... a funny "butt noise" story...share them in the comments and make us all laugh inappropriately!! Then go read Kami's blog post (and darn it...she better actually blog about it or I'll look incredibly silly won't I? ha ha ha!!)


Saturday, June 21, 2008

So the time has come...

I'm moving! Our house has sold (thank the good Lord above, because we were soooo worried about that!) and the family and I (dh, two teenage girls, a rough-n-tumble 8 year old boy and our Jack Russel Terrier, Kea) have moved into the Hilton for 10 days of fun and sun before we start our LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG journey to New Jersey!

Emily turned 14 today and we had a wonderful party with all of her closest friends and now we're just in the process of saying goodbye to all of our wonderful friends that we've made over the 7 years that we've lived here in Hawaii. It's a sad time for all of us as we'll miss Hawaii, but we're looking forward to seeing friends and family as we drive from L.A. to New Jersey!

So, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to design freebies or products for Scrap Orchard, but I'll surely check in as often as possible to post about our traveling adventures! (and if you've read my blog AT ALL, you'll surely know that knowing my luck there will be plenty of adventures to share! LOL).

Aloha and stay tuned!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Orchard Girls! Fresh Fruit Friday and a Newsletter Freebee!

WOW! Lots of news today!

*Two new designers in the Orchard! (Franziska Altmann and Ellie Lash . . . check out their stores!)

*A TON of new products on sale this week only in the FRESH FRUIT MARKET (see just a few below) and...

* Another Newsletter Freebee!

And for our wonderful Scrap Orchard Newsletter Subscribers...don't forget to download this week's Newsletter FreeBee! This week's freebee is called "Office Scraps" and was done by me! I literally made these items in just a few seconds with a few of my Photoshop Styles! The link is in your newsletter, just download from there!

Do you want weekly freebees like these? Sign up for our newsletter! Simply register in the Market and opt in for our Weekly and Monthly newsletters! (Already registered?) Simply Login to the Market, go to the YOUR CART section of the store (left hand side of the screen) Click on MODIFY PROFILE then scroll down to the bottom and check the two boxes for the newsletters, enter the image verification stuff and then click SUBMIT!

Do you really want THIS freebee?? WELL... go sign up for the newsletter and then, if you are really PATIENT... you can leave a comment on the SCRAP ORCHARD BLOG and as soon as I get a chance I'll send you guys links for this one! (no need to add your email address in your comment, just leave some luv)!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Template Freebee and a FREE BRAG BOOK TOO!

So this week's challenge is hosted by Sine! Sine is our brand new template designer, and if you haven't seen her STUNNING brag book that let's you quickly capture of a loved one's life at ANY age (seriously... ANY age...LOL from birth to 99...AND you can include 1/2 years as well!...i.e. 2 1/2)! Then you should absolutely pick it up now while it's on DOUBLE SALE! (Fresh Fruit is all 20% off plus if you spend 10.00 or more in the store, we're buying you a gallon of gas and taking $4.07 off! LOL!)

So check out Sine's BRAG BOOK and then click on the image below to download her free template! Don't forget to upload your challenge layout in Sine's Gallery and or in the Challenge Gallery (Template Section)!

And for goodness sake check back tomorrow for our FRESH FRUIT FRIDAY announcement!

Sine's even given you some inspiration and done her own layout with our FABULOUS June Bugs Mega!! (Buy it today and get an ADORABLE brag book for FREE - see below! !!!)

FREE JUNE BUGS BRAG BOOK with the purchase of the June Bugs Mega! Just buy the mega and the brag book will be in your downloads! Click on the image for more info! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WordArt Wednesday... and a Free Gallon of Gas!

OMG, I don't know what gas prices look like where you guys live but the price of gas is killing Kami and I! (and here I am getting ready to drive from LA to New Jersey! (YIKES!) So how about you let the Orchard Girls buy you a gallon of gas??

Just purchase 10.00 worth of stuff from the store and we'll automatically take $4.07 (the national average of a gallon of gas) off the top!! This offer is only good until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday night! (Save even more by checking out our already on sale items in the Fresh Fruit Category!)

Aaannnnnd! It's WordArt Wednesday here at the Orchard, and Bethany has doozie for you ladies today! CONGRATULATIONS to VirginiaJen on winning last weeks WordArt Challenge. PM Bethany for your prize!

Be sure to be registered in our Gallery/Forum and then click on the image below to find the download link. Don't forget to post your layouts in Bethany's GALLERY

See you tomorrow for our very first Template Challenge by SINE!

Shauna - Pineapple Plantation Designs

Monday, June 16, 2008

Freebee collab with Kami's Blog and Scrap Orchard Blog!

And it's OUT OF THIS WORLD! (well, Kami's part is anyway... LOL mine is just a tiny add on! he he he!)

Click on the image to download My Part!

Part 2 can be found at KAMI'S BLOG

Part 3 can be found at the SCRAP ORCHARD BLOG



Sunday, June 15, 2008

OMGosh Kami has an ADORABLE freebie on her blog!

Pirate Punk Freebie!
Click on the image to go to Kami's Blog!!

And while you're there check out Kami's Grab bag this month (it's fabulous) and her other freebies too! OH BY THE WAY... did I mention that you'll also win the chance to win a $33.00 Gift Certificate to her store? HECK KAMI... what is that, you're entire store?? :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A New Kit and A New Freebie!

OMGosh! I have a new kit out this week, and I have to tell you, it's probably my favorite yet! I hope you guys like it too! It's on sale for 20% off this week only! I put the alphabet in the store separately too in case some of you wanted just the alpha! Come on and check it out! (click on the images!)

Oh yeah! And I actually have a FREEBIE... JUST FOR YOU GUYS!! It's a little something for Father's Day! I'd love to see what you do with it, so feel free to post your layouts in My Gallery!

You can download the Freebie HERE and the password is: fathersday

Also, be sure to come back next week as I have a tutorial with a freebie in the works for you guys!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Site and a New Freebee!

WoOo HoOo! Scrap Orchard has a whole new look, it's TONS faster and has a new freebee! (does it GET better than that???)

So we're doing weekly challenges now on Thursday (with freebees and prizes!!!) and Bethany wanted one of her own!! So here it is! WordArt Wednesday! Click on the image to head on over to the NEW site and get the download link from the FreeBee gallery! (please don't forget to register to see the gallery!!!)



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You've left us no other choice....

As much as we hate to do this, because we really want ya'll to have a good time cruising through the store (and it doesn't hurt if you're checkin' out our gorgeous products... and they are gorgeous) we just feel so badly about all the problems we're having on the site! At the end of the day, our goal is to make you happy (by giving you an awesome free"bee") and not to make you mad (by making it impossible for you to get it)!

SO! The coupon code for the *SO* SUNny collab in our store is:


This should help alleviate some of the traffic in the store and make it easier for you to check out!

Also, we will make sure that everyone has time to get the kit, even if it means extending the deadline!

Again we are so sorry for the delays!

~Kami (man.. I'm on Shauna's blog more than Shauna!! ROFL!!)

You are Kidding me!

I want to CRY!!! We're still experiencing "issues" with our server and between that and the increased traffic our site is giving us fits!!!

In addition to us having to reboot our system we're NOT currently getting our emails either! So any emails sent to customer service are not being delivered!! We are SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO sorry!

We have taken the store down temporarily while we work on some quick fixes! We will get it back up as soon as possible!! Please keep checking back!

Also, we know some of you are having problems with the coupon codes. Here are a couple things to check:

1. The codes letters are hidden out of order. So, for example, one code might be "_ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ _". This means "C" is the 3rd letter in the coupon code. Please make sure you have the right code (it kinda spells something, so if you know what it spells, you know you have the right code)!!

2. Please make sure you're logged in to the store. Even if you think you're logged in, and even if it SAYS you're logged in, if the coupon isn't working, please log in again.

3. Make sure you are using the code in the "promotional code" box on the first page of the cart (not the gift certificate option).

If you are still having problems with the codes, please email me at kami(dot)leonard at sbcglobal(dot)net!
If you have placed an order and not received your links, please also email me (and check your account in the store, because I've been manually releasing links as I see them).

I can't apologize enough guys! We are so incredibly sorry!! We will get this worked out as soon as possible! We really appreciate you guys hanging in there with us!! You guys RAWK!

(btw- I totally just hijacked SHAUNA'S blog!! heehee)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The hunt is on!

IT'S TIME!! For what, you ask? The SO SUNny Collaboration!!!

The Orchard Girls and the Sunshine Girls teamed up and made an INCREDIBLE MEGA-Mega Kit! And you can get both parts for FREE!!!!

We have hidden a coupon code in our market! You just have to follow the clues to reveal the code! Once you have the code, just put the Sunshine Girl's Contribution (which is in the Scrap Orchard Market) in your cart and check out with the code you found in our market! THEN go to Sunshine Studio Scraps and find the coupon code they hid in their shop so you can get OUR contribution for FREE!! Both coupon codes will be available until 11:59 pm on Friday, June 6!!


Make a layout using the SO SUNny Collaboration and post it in our SO SUNny Collaboration Gallery by 11:59 pm on Saturday, June 7! We will pick 4 lucky scrappers and each one will receive a $5 Gift Certifiate to the Orchard!! (Rumor has it you can also enter to win $5 Gift Certificates at Sunshine Studio Scraps- check their blog for more details)


WE (the Orchard Girls) have included some awesome coupons in our zips (which are at Sun Studio Scraps- have we confused you yet!!??!!) so make sure you check all the zips for even more savings!!

Here's the preview of the MEGA Mega Kit! Click on the image and it will take you to the product in the market (so you can add it to your cart and start hunting!!!) Then look below the previews for your FIRST CLUE!





CLUE: This kit DEFINITELY won't "BUG" you! (find the kit that ties to this clue at Scrap Orchard and it will give you the next clue along with the first letter of your coupon code!)

And don't forget to be registered and logged into BOTH stores before you try to use the coupons or check out!

Have fun and happy hunting!

First Ever Apple Cart Challenge at Scrap Orchard (check out the freebee!)

So now that the contest is over, we're all settling in to get back down to business and working on some great new additions to the Orchard... one of which is to start some weekly blog challenges! This week, my BFF Kami of Ziggle Designs has made our first ever "Apple Cart" challenge...the rules and the preview are below... click on the image to visit the gallery to download this mini kit for free!

The rules are to make a layout using everything in the Apple Cart Challenge #1 Free"bee"!! Post your layouts in our challenge gallery and a link in the challenge forum so we can see all the incredible and different layouts everyone will do with the same kit!!

Please remember you have to be registered and logged in to the gallery to access our Free"bee" Gallery!!

We are having our SO SUNny Scavenger Hunt tomorrow!! You won't want to miss it!! You'll get ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!!!





I'll post the rules and directions tomorrow night! See you then!