Sunday, August 31, 2008


So our seedling collaborations are retiring from the store, but we thought we'd give you ONE LAST CHANCE to pick them up! And if you run...DON'T WALK... you can get them all for just a DOLLAR!!! This is almost 90% off the regular price and these kits are gorgeous ladies! Check them out yourselves! Just click on the images!

BUT JUST UNTIL MONDAY NIGHT, then they're gone forever :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

WHAT? ANOTHER FreeBee? TWO days in a row?? he he he!

This one is for all of you digital/hybrid scrappers out there! These little photo mats are perfect for either "snapping" your photos to or for printing on acetate and then laying photos on top of for your hybrid projects! Click on the image to download!!

And don't forget to check out the FARMER'S MARKET at! EVERYTHING in there is only $1.00! And we're adding new stuff all the time... so be sure to check back often! Look what ELLIE LASH put in there just recently!!!

and 6 MORE!!

Check out the FARMER'S MARKET by clicking HERE

Enjoy ladies!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diamonds Are...

A Girl's Best Friend!! My new kit...

So here's the thing... my 14 year old DD is SUCH a tomboy! Loves to skateboard, play sports, dress in t-shirts and capris... all TomGIRL... but she recently looked at my kits and told me that I was "biased" against girls because most of my kits were for, being a Feminist in the BEST sense of the word, (and frankly, taking a look at my store) I had to STRONGLY disagree with Emily, BUT being 14, and therefore NEVER wrong, she "challenged" me to make an ALL PINK kit. And, never one to back down from a challenge, I present... A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND! LOL and... (seeing as how White and Black are technically NOT colors...) it is an ALL PINK kit! LOL

TAKE THAT Emily!!! LOL!! (Argggghhh... TEENAGERS)

And what's a new kit without a FreeBee just for you to go with it!

Click on the image to download it... and if you love it check it out in my store HERE

While you're there... we're having TWO HUGE SALES at The Orchard too! Our weekend Labor Day sale where you get $4.04 off of every 10.00 purchase (don't ask... it's a complicated math formula that Mel figured out based on our theme of an "UnBirthday Sale"... just figure that it's over 40% off your purchase!

We're also having a Farmer's Market Sale this weekend!! Where EVERYTHING in the Farmer's Market is only $1.00... including this cute mini kit from Ellie Lash and Me! Click on the Image to take you to the Farmer's Market! You'll find almost 75 $1.00 products!!

Plus, with the sale going on... you basically get 40% off of all our new products (including my new kit!!) and KAMI'S SUPER CUTE... "Love Bug" if you shop before Tuesday!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's about time RIGHT?

It's been TOOOOOO long since I posted some good darn freebies on this blog hasn't it??? And you guys have been SOOO patient... looking at all of my ads, listening to me go on and on about the move (btw... MOVING STINKS!!!)

But I'm getting a bit more settled into New Jersey (and soooo missing Hawaii!!!) So I had a little time to put together this mini-plus kit for you (not quite a mini, not quite a full kit! LOL!) I was working on it for a full kit and said "darn it Shauna! your faithful blog readers deserve a few more freebies from you!" so here you go!

I'm not sure why I chose the name "School Sribbles" because it's not too school themed and there are NO scribbles in it at all (except the tiny ones that I used to make the little criss cross overlay on a couple of the papers...but I digress...) But no one ever said that I was good at names... LOL!!

And of course I have to show off my newest product in the Orchard... (stop making that face... before you download my freebee you could at least look at my other stuff! he he he!) I'm coming out with a new line of Overlays that I'm super excited about!! It's one PSD file (although I have separate .png files in there too) and you can make literally HUNDREDS of papers out of the one file!! It's called a Paper Pack Overlay and it has several layers, including both a textured overlay AND several patterned overlays that can be turned, twisted, moved, turned on or off and otherwise "played with" to get tons of different looks to your papers!! It's commercial and personal use friendly ... so check it out! (Besides, my dear dear Ellie Lash has tried it and SHE loved it!! So it can't be all THAT bad right?? LOL!!!)

Here it is: Click on it to check it out!!

Besides... I used it to make some papers... for a collab that I'm doing... WITH BREN BOONE!!! Coming soon exclusively to Scrap Orchard!! (who knows... maybe... just maybe... IF you're good.. I'll give you a sneak peek!! MAYBE!)

Oh yeah... the download link for the freebie? It's right HERE!!!

Enjoy and Aloha!!! (yes... I'm STILL going to say Aloha even if I live in New Jersey!!! :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

I LOVE a good deal!

And here's a great one!

When any of our designers get together and do a "collab" as we call them they go in each of our stores, but they also go into a special place in the Orchard called "Perfect Pears" PEARS... he he he! Get it??? LOL!

And with 4 of them coming out this week we decided to give you a deal on them!! So here it is! Enjoy! (Click on the image to take you to the Perfect Pears section of the store!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 New Kits, 1 New FreeBee and a Coupon!!

Ok, so it used to be that I designed a freebee and ended up making a kit from it, now it seems just the opposite! I make a kit then design a Freebee for my dear dear blog readers! LOL!

So without further ado... here they are!

Office Romance: A collaboration with one of our Orchard "Seedlings" Scrapalinquent!!
Cute right??? Click on the images to take a closer look!

Then my new kit "Mum's the Word"!

Thanks to Bec, one of our Scrap Orchard CT members for creating this layout with my new kit! I love it!!

And our dear Templatetress Sine made some FABULOUS luggage tag brag book templates to go with my new Mum kit! (can you believe it?) She even gave me a coupon for you guys if you buy them!!! I was going to put it in the download, but I think you might get more use from it if I post it here! So here are her templates and coupon!! THANKS SINE!!!

So click on the image and use the coupon to save you some bucks!!

And hello.... MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! The FreeBee! LOL!!!

Soooo... do you like it? Huh? Huh? Do ya?? he he he!

If so, download it HERE and leave me some luv!!!

Or better yet, download it and check out the full kit at my store HERE then make a layout and post it in my gallery HERE! LOL!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you up to the challenge???

So if you've spent ANY time at all in the Orchard Forum you know that we have some KICK BUTT challenges! Both weekly Freebee/Prize challenges posted every Friday on the blog (like the Apple Cart "Mini Kit" challenge, a Scraplift or Template Challenge, and a "fruit salad" designers' choice challenge). Then there is MY personal favorite, a WordArt Wednesday Challenge hosted by Bethany of Elegant WordArt, AND we have less "official" challenges hosted by our FABULOUS moderators and CT members (like color challenges, Scrap that Tune using lyrics in your layouts and many many more!)

But we have added two new challenges recently to the forum and I wanted to spotlight them here!

The first is a SPEED SCRAP challenge hosted FANTASTIC Melisa of Fairytale Studios (the next one to take place in just a few days on August 16th! and the next is a REALLY COOL, and much harder challenge called "Bring it" which is hosted by our very own Kami, of Ziggle Designs! Here's the rules for this month's BRING IT challenge, I can't wait to see what you ladies come up with! You can check out all the challenges, including Bring it, in our Challenges Section of our forum!!

Bring it! From Kami:

Since we got off to a late start in July, I made the challenge a little bit easier for ya! But now that we have the WHOLE MONTH of August, I'm gonna take it up a notch!

As you know, the Summer Olympics are starting this month! We all love seeing the athletes compete and rooting our home countries on toward those shiny, gold medals! But more important than winning, is the Spirit of the Olympics! The coming together of nations from around the globe. Putting race, gender and religious and political beliefs aside, and uniting in a peaceful contest and demonstrating that there really is room enough for us all on this planet.

So this month's challenge is going to be "Tolerance".

How has tolerance (or intolerance) affected your life or the lives of your loved ones?
Show us what "Tolerance" looks like to you? What it mean to you?

I know this won't be easy, but I know you guys can do it! One winner will receive a $10 coupon to my store!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all your layouts!!

So? What are you waiting for?? You're not chicken are you???? he he he!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

OoOo... new stuff from me AND a freebee Template too!

Ok ladies, I've been a busy busy designer this week (boxes are still half un-packed and lying everywhere, but whatever right? LOL!!) and I have a few new products for you! So, take a look (before you zoom to the bottom and pick up Sine's free template! LOL) The images are clickable so feel free to check them out a bit closer if you'd like... they're all on sale 20% off this week only!

And don't forget my CT Call! Email me your apps to PineapplePlantation at Gmail dot Com!

I have some new Floral Borders that you can use for both personal use (as elements and borders) and Commercial Use to create some great borders and papers for your kits!

I have some new Grunge Border Overlays for commercial or personal use!

And some kind of cool (if I do say so myself LOL!) new overlays. They're specifically designed to do "double duty". If you put a brown or tan color under them they look just like wood! But if you put OTHER colors under them they're just naturally textured paper! Take a look for yourself!

And now for the goodies! Scrap Orchard's weekly challenge is a Scraplift Challenge sponsored by our fabulous Template Designer, Sine! Here is the layout she'd like you to Scraplift (a layout done by her fabulous CT member "JMama" who used some of Sine's star elements out of her Circle of Stars Template Pack:

So what are you waiting for? Be inspired by this adorable layout, and then post your own HERE in our Scraplift Challenge Gallery!

And as her way of saying "Thanks" for taking part in this challenge and in hopes that you'll take a peek at her FABULOUS templates (seriously... she makes spectacular templates ladies!) she's offering you this Freebee! So check out SINE'S STORE

Click on the image of the free template to take you to the Freebee Gallery at (just make sure you're registered first!)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Finally! A CT Call!! LOL!

I've dreaded doing this for soooo long...LOL! The time it takes to look at all the GORGEOUS layouts, and the much hated "sorry, but you haven't been selected letters" (I HATE those!!) But the time has come... I have to grow up, put on my "big girl panties" and get some fabulous scrappers to work with my stuff!

So here goes!!!

Here's what I'm looking for ladies... I want a few scrappers who:

* LOVE to scrap (and can make my stuff look GOOD... seriously... Like Shabby
Princess, Flergs good ok?? he he he!!!)

* Don't mind hanging out at DST a bit and pointing a few customers in my
direction (I mean, you're here already right?? What's an extra post or two?

* Want to "hang out a bit" at ScrapOrchard.Com and join our FABULOUS
Orchard Family! (seriously... we ARE fabulous! No really! I'm NOT kidding we

* Who MORE THAN ANYTHING, want to have FUN on a relaxed, laid back team!

So send me your favorite layout of all time, a link to your gallery/galleries as well as a list of any other CTs you might be on and don't be afraid to tell me a little bit about yourself too! (Trust me, in my world, personality COUNTS! he he he!) Email the info to:

The call ends August 15th!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WordArt Wednesday at the Orchard!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a HUGE fan of Bethan's WordArt. For me, good WordArt (like Bethany's) often Inspiration for a great page (not to mention a quick and easy title or element! LOL!) And our darling Bethany is sooo incredibly generous with her work that she posts FREE WordArt here on the Scrap Orchard Blog EVERY Wednesday!

So head on over to the FreeBee Gallery and download this weeks WordArt Wednesday Challenge (don't forget to leave Bethany some love) and then post your layouts in Bethany's Gallery or in the WordArt Wednesday Challenge Gallery!! Love the WordArt? Visit Bethany's Store and check out some her other products!!

Click on the FreeBee Gallery link above, or on the image to visit the gallery and download Bethany's WordArt!

See you soon!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Win a 10.00 Gift Certificate to my store!

Such big news! We have our very first "Guest Designer" at Scrap Orchard, and to celebrate her arrival, I've decided to challenge you all to use her GORGEOUS artwork from her first "Scrap Orchard Exclusive" product for her guest spot this month!

Here are her brushes (also in .png file format) which I LOVE LOVE LOVE BTW...

Now just go grab them from Miyon's Store then simply create a layout and post in in our Gallery! That simple! This time next week I'll pick a random winner and RAK them with a 10.00 Gift Certificate to my store!

(Check out what "MrsHobbes" has already done with it! Stunning right?)