Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Kit Add Ons

Just a few last elements to add to my original Christmas kit (If you missed downloading the original kit simply click on the link to the left and download it as well!)

Again, the papers have been re-vamped for you too - enjoy your weekend and check back for a little surprise tomorrow!

Aloha -


Christmas Kit Quick Pages 9-12

Here they are! The final pages of my brag book Quick Pages! It's been fun making them and I think that I might make this a regular thing... create a kit with papers and elements, do a few layouts and make some quick pages to go with the kit! From a designer's view point, I think it's almost necessary! I have seen so many "kits" out there that have the same old elements, frames, buttons, bows etc. and when I would go to use them I found that my layouts all looked the same... Maybe it will make my kits a bit better once I have to actually create several full layouts with them as well!

Having said that, I will be posting additional elements and papers that I made to go with the kit when I found that I needed a few different items. I also "upgraded" my original papers needed some help (some designs, and better textures). I'll make those tomorrow's posts so please come back to get those as well!

I'm also working on a new kit... much different from my last two, must softer and more's called "Frost". Can't wait to share it with you next week! (Maybe parts of it this weekend?)

Mele Kalikimaka!


Credits:Layout Design by Shabby Princess: Scraplifted from the cuddlebug quick pages check them out! www.ShabbyPrincess.Com

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Quick Pages 5-8

...The next installment of my quick and simple brag book pages. For those of you who asked, they are sized to be 8 x 8 pages, but they can always be sized smaller, and perhaps a bit bigger as well.

I've tried to leave the pages simple so that you can add elements, journaling and titles that suit your tastes. Also, quite a few of the pages aren't specifically tailored to Christmas, so you can use them for other events as well.

In addition, a quick tip... if you need more than 12 pages for your brag book, take the pages, and in your photo editing software, rotate the image or canvas - quite a few of the pages will look just different enough to pass as completely new ones!

Enjoy! Thanks for the comments and emails please keep them up, and Please...send me your finished pages if you'd like, I'd love to see what people are doing with my kits, and perhaps I'll post them on the blog!

Mele Kalikimaka! (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian)


Credits:Layout Design by Shabby Princess: Scraplifted from the cuddlebug quick pages check them out! www.ShabbyPrincess.Com

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Kit Quick Pages 1-4

You asked for Christmas quick pages and of course your wish is my command! Here are pages 1-4 for my Christmas Kit's Brag Book! I plan on doing at least 12 pages, so come back tomorrow for pages 5-8 and Thursday for pages 9-12. On Friday I will post a Christmas Kit Bonus Pack. It seems to be my most popular kit to date and with me doing the quick pages, I've had to create some more paper, I've added better textures to my other papers and I've created some additional elements as well. I'll post all of those on Friday.

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Also, in lieu of my starting my own mailing list, I've decided to use FeedBurner's email updater. You won't receive ANY spam if you sign up, you simply recieve a short email from them letting you know that I've updated my site and there is new items for you download!! There is also a small orange icon at the bottom of the blog if you would like to subscribe to my blog with an RSS feed FYI -

As always, the QP's are .PNG files so anyone should be able to use them! If you have any questions or problems with downloads, please let me know!


Credits:Layout Design by Shabby Princess: Scraplifted from the cuddlebug quick pages check them out! www.ShabbyPrincess.Com

Come Sail Away QUICK PAGE, Christmas Brag Book QP's to follow!

So... Jody left a comment requesting some QP's (quick pages), specifically a Christmas Brag Book - Thanks Jody! I think that it is a great idea and I'm getting started today working on them!

In the meantime, I wanted to use my Come Sail Away kit a bit today and I "grunged it up" a bit for a picture of my son Ethan this past week (NO, I did NOT alter the picture in any way...those really ARE the colors of the beaches here! LOL) I like the crispness of the photo compared to the gritty feel of the layout. I've posted my layout and did a few extra steps to create a .PNG file of the layout so that I could share the page with you all as well!

No, clipping masks needed, simply place your photo on a layer beneath the page and then size it to fit the frame!

It's really simple to create a "Grunge" overlay for your layouts to add to the kit, and if people are interested, feel free to leave a comment, perhaps I can give a short "tutorial" on creating the overlays! They're BIG money on the digital scrapbooking websites, but they are sooo easy to make! Let me know if anyone is interested!

I'd also be interested to know if anyone is interested in perhaps in me creating a mailing list. I WON'T clutter up your inbox, just simply drop you a note when I've posted a new kit or freebie! If you are, please send me an email to .

Enjoy your quick page and please come back tomorrow!


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Monday, November 26, 2007

Come Sail Away Elements

So here they are! I had a great time making this kit, and my first alphabet for download as well! The alphabet is a distressed chipboard alphabet, and I really like it - I hope you all do as well.

Please "leave some love" if you enjoyed the kit, you can leave a comment here on my blog, or as you wait for your download to complete. And certainly, feel free to make requests if you have them! I'm working on a "vintage feeling" kit right now for my mother's childhood pictures. If it turns out well, I'll certainly share!

Please stop by often as I plan to post smaller "goodies" daily in between my kits and if you like what you download and you use it, please send me a jpg of your work to post on the blog!! my email address for requests etc. is .

Have a great week!


Thank you to Katie Petiet at ... she had similar Ledger .png files that she designed that inspired me to scraplift them and create some beach themed ones for this kit! All my work, all her idea!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Come Sail Away Kit Papers

MY FIRST REQUEST! One of the comments left after my last kit was posted was from JJStar and she said "Great job! If you're up for a challenge, I've been looking for a kit to go with beach pictures and can't seem to find it!" So... between spending the week at the beach and talking to my family back in Wisconsin who said that it was below freezing I figured, "what the heck"? Maybe people can bring out those summer pictures and warm themselves up a bit! So here it is, my small attempt at my next kit.

Come Sail Away... it's not really a sailing themed kit, although I do have a touch of it, but the nautical colors reminded me of sailing, so there it is! The kit started out with VERY different colors and a more tropical/Hawaiian theme, but I wasn't sure if that would fit JJStar's request - p.s. if you leave a request, leave your email address or email me directly - you can have more input that way! - So I changed it quite a bit and I have enough of the other papers and elements to make a second kit! LOL If you want to see a preview of that kit, take a look at my TOU Page Layout in both the papers and elements portion of this kit, I made a cute layout of my son, perhaps I'll post it later this week, and then changed the pictures for my TOU (Terms of Use) Layout. If there is enough demand for a second summer kit this winter I'll post it!

So here are my papers, I love the colors in this kit...come back tomorrow for the elements - I think you'll LOVE them!



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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Cards 1 and 2

(Credits: Template for 4x6 card from as well as additional ribbon and tag - both altered by me)

Just back from the beach for Thanksgiving week and my days were spent on the beach reading, in the ocean boogie boarding, in our cabin playing Yahtzee with the kids, and the nights spent designing my next kit! It was requested by someone in a comment, and I couldn't wait to fill her request -

I also took some great pictures of my kids on the beach for our Christmas cards this year, which I've posted above and below. I have one favorite, and my husband has another. If I can figure it out I'll post a poll and see what you all think!

I'm putting the finishing touches on my next kit and I'll have it up either tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Keep the requests coming, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me!


(Credits: Template from VERY altered by me with papers from Shabby Princess as well)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

2 New Freebies! Holly Elements & Border plus Holiday Checklists

Click here to DOWNLOAD

So, I'm heading out for a week ladies! My family and I are going to the beach for Thanksgiving week. My husband is just back after 15 months in Iraq, and so we're taking a little vacation out to a beach called Bellows on the windward side of Oahu where we live. It's nothing but surf, sand, reading and relaxation! So here are my last Freebies until after Thanksgiving weekend! Have a great Day on Thursday (and try not to lose your mind or your entire savings account on Friday!).

The first freebie that I have for you before I go is a few small Holly Elements to decorate your pages, along with a 12" inch Holly border! (Just a little tip... if you want a shorter border, say for an 8" page or so, it's better to select the size you want with the Rectangle Marquee tool (this is for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) and Copy and then paste to a new transparent file to use than it is to transform the original file (if you just move it in to make it shorter it distorts the holly, if you transform the file from the corners, keeping the dimensions the same, the border will be too small. So, just copy paste and use)!

Click here to DOWNLOAD

The second Freebie before I go are some Holiday Checklists. I am a strange breed of woman who is incredibly naturally messy and all over the place, but who SO longs to be orderly and organized! So I accepted that lists are my only hope!! Here are a few of my favorites... just thought I would share! They're 8.5 x 11 letter size files and the first list, my daily LIFESAVER, is actually 4 lists and this is how you use it:

Print out the sheet once, fold it into fourths and if I've orientated it correctly you should have a small booklet of sorts. Perfect size for your purse or pocket, it has all the necessities; TO DO, TO BUY, TO CALL and one I've left blank for your specific to do list. Just check off the things as you do them and then if you have some left, finish them off the next day (I take all unfinished items and move them to the next day's list so they don't pile up as I procrastinate! LOL)

The next is a simple Shopping List (for gifts OR groceries) Use the full page for a big trip, cut it in half for 2 smaller lists. And the last is a Gift Giving List this is a great list just to keep you on track of all your gifts this year. Write down the name of the person to buy for and the gift you plan to buy. Then once you buy the gift, check it off. When you wrap it, check it off, and then again when you ship or give it! There's also a place for the recipients address to take to the post office with you.

Hope they help, hope you enjoy and if you have a minute "leave me some love" with a comment or two!!!

Aloha until after Thanksgiving weekend!!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Christmas Card

I haven't made one of these before, but it seems to me that if you save it as a jpg with your picture or saying on it and print it out as usual with your photo processing center of choice, you could make your holiday cards for just pennies! If anyone has a good source for buying 4x8 envelopes to put them in, I'd love to hear from you. If I find out, I'll be sure to post it!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

'07 Christmas Kit Elements

Here are the elements! I know that the picture makes it look as though it's a giant jumble of sorts, but there are some pretty cool things here, if I do say so myself! LOL There are "wooden" frames, ribbons, tags (including one you can actually use as a real gift tag if you'd like), bows (the large gift box bow that is in my layout below is simply the regular grosgrain bow. I duplicated the bow several times and then simply turned the bows at different angles, keeping the center of all the bows on top of one another). I added the one that I made for my layout into the kit, but you can do the same with the other colors too! A plaid tree that matches the paper I posted yesterday and tons of other fun stuff! I do want to mention that I created the Peace On Earth Element all on my own, but I did "scraplift" the colors and the idea for the letters and circles from Shabby Princess. They're a great site for freebies and have a really nice store as well. Check them out! I have l link for them under my Favorites lists on the left side of the page!

Below is a quick layout that I did with the kit of my son Ethan wearing his first tie (we almost NEVER dress up here in Hawaii, but he was an angel in the Christmas program at school). Just an idea for a layout. If people are interested in me creating a quick page from the layout, just leave me a message, if there is enough interest I'd be happy to do so!

Lastly, I have one last element to the kit that I will post tomorrow. It's a 4 x 8 Christmas card in .PNG format that you can simply add a picture or saying to and print out for Christmas cards! So please come back tomorrow and check it out!



p.s.! I took the liberty of including in the download an additional zipped file of the all the elements. This way if you decide to keep the files after using them you can store them in a much smaller space. Simply re-name the file and store it on your hard drive, CD, DVD or thumb drive and trash the expanded files until you need them again. If you do not plan on keeping the files beyond using them for some layouts then you can simply delete the "Archive" folder. Aloha!

'07 Christmas Kit Papers

Well, here they are! The papers were pretty simple to create (the plaid was interesting to learn, you'll see more of them in the future!) and it was certainly an education making the "wrap" for my papers and elements and then creating the zip files for you to download. But I have to tell you, I'm having a great time! I'm also trying to create some layouts with my kit, I'll be sure to post those as well and when I do if I create additional elements or papers, I'll be sure to add those for you to download as well.

So please check back often. If you like the kit, please let me know and again, if you have a request for a layout, kit or elements please feel free to post a comment or email me at and I would be happy to try and help!




So sorry for no posts or freebies for the past two days, but I've been working diligently on my latest surprise for you all! I've put together my first kit! The colors are similar to my last two layouts, so you can use it with those pages, but it will have tons of great items including papers, elements and even a Christmas Card blank for you to use! I have everything created, but I have to put them all into zip files and post them. I'll add the papers later today and the Elements etc. on Friday before my family and I leave for the beach for Thanksgiving week (while we won't have a white Christmas, there ARE some benefits to living in Hawaii!!)

Please check back later today or tonight for the papers and then again tomorrow for the elements for this kit! I can't wait to see if you all are as excited to use my first kit as I was to make it!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Snowflake Layout

Well based upon the number of downloads (since few people are leaving comments... hint hint hint... LOL) I see that my winter layouts are a big hit, so here is another! It's somewhat hard to see what the layout looks like without a picture (as the blog shows the transparent portion of the layout left for your picture as white, so I've added a .jpg file with a picture of my little one, Ethan in a similar layout below so that you can view it a bit better.

Please, if you have just a moment and if you would be so kind, please do leave a comment, request or short note of thanks if you download my work. I take quite a bit of time to create these for you and your comments and emails bring such a smile to my day. Thank you so much to those who have sent emails of thanks or who have left comments, it makes it all worth the effort!

If you would like me to create something specific, please let me know that as well and I would be happy to try and help! Perhaps colors that you would like to see, something for a specific event...whatever! Also, if you use my elements or layouts, I'd love to see the final product or add it to my blog...send or post a link of your gallery or blog or even email the .jpg!



credits: shabby princess - papers and brad from seasonal sampler holiday 2006, snowflakes, 2006 element and graphic swirl from Andrea Victoria and

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Layout

Well, I guess the last layouts that I did put me in the mood for some snow (I've actually missed it sooo much since we moved to Hawaii and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it again when we move next year!) So I worked on this layout today as we watched football...GO PACKERS!

The LO is once again a .PNG file so the area inside the photo frame is actually transparent. Simply place your photo behind the layout, save a and print! I also left you some blank space at the bottom of the page for your journaling.

Thank you to Katie Pertiet for the beautiful brush "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" and to Shabby Princess for the felt tree element (I re-colored and re-sized it however).

Enjoy the layout and enjoy your snow!

Aloha -


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ice Blue Paper

Here is a simple piece of Ice Blue paper ( 8x8, but it can be enlarged or reduced in size) that I created with a simple texture to it that I thought went well with Susan's Crystal Skies Kit (FREE on her blog! ) I thought that I would share it as well!



Snowman Layout

For my friends at Raspberry Road (and whomever else! LOL) here is my Crystal Skies Submission. The page is made with a kit from Raspberry Road Designs (thanks Susan!). The file is a .PNG file, simply place your picture behind the page, save it and print it out!

Aloha Tag

A quick tag to match the retro paper! Don't forget! Just click on the underlined linked titles and then right click and choose "save to desktop" to download the elements for free!

Retro Paper

Based on the download numbers of my last two posts, I thought that there might be a larger demand for some more brighter elements (more my style anyway!) Here is some retro looking paper - I'm having fun learning about patterns right now! - Enjoy!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hibiscus Stamp

I made a cute simple layout with some stamp elements inside, here is the hibiscus stamp that I used! If you like the elements, please leave a comment and let me know! If there is something specific you are looking for, either tropical or otherwise, let me know that too and perhaps I can try and create it for you!



Island Paradise Tag

I'm trying my hand at some brighter colored tropical elements and pages now, please keep coming back as I have tons more to post! Thanks to Susan at Raspberry Road Designs for tool box, I used it for the outline of my tag.


Bamboo Paper

Using another less traditional looking photo of bamboo, I created a brush and did another simple page! Thanks for the feedback and comments! Please keep them coming!


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plumeria Stamp

So, the first whole day of my little blog and already I have comments! (thank you so much my fellow student - Traci!) I stayed up so late last night on my computer having fun in photoshop, I have to's a little addictive!! Here is another stamp, this time with white plumeria. I have a beautiful plumeria tree on the side of our home that simply smells wonderful! When it blooms our whole house smells of the pretty little flower!

Feel free to download the stamp by clicking on the underlined title above!

Aloha -


Sepia Bamboo Stamp

A small stamp, also created from a photo here on Oahu. Here I simply took a color photo and used Photoshop to create a sepia image of the bamboo. It wasn't the look I was going for quite yet, so I placed the photo inside a plain postage stamp frame, created a layer of grey under the photo in the layer's pallet and then lowered the opacity of the photo to give it a more aged look. I hope you like it!

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.

Simple Bamboo Paper

I created this simple paper from a photo of bamboo which I softened, cleaned up and made into a brush. I changed the opacity of the brush several times to give it some depth and voila! Enjoy!

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Patterned Paper

A simple patterned paper made with my pineapple brush.

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.

Hibiscus Paper

The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, and for good darn reason too! It's everywhere, including my back yard, and with a quick photo and some time spent on Photoshop I created the hibiscus for my banner (the tiny little one by the pineapple and dotting the eyes) I also created a brush to use on this paper and it looks dramatically different doesn't it?? Enjoy and please feel free to email or post if you have any problems downloading or using the papers or elements!

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.

Pineapple Paper

This (along with my blog banner) is the first image that I created from scratch. I simply photographed a pineapple, and used a little Photoshop CS3 magic to create a "sketch" of the photo, and then "hand paint" the colors. I also created a brush from the image and then used it to create other scrapbooking papers and elements. This is one. Aloha!

Feel free to download this item by clicking on the title above.

Digital Scrapbooking Freebies!

Welcome, and Aloha! Currently in a class at BigPictureScrapbooking.Com, I shared a few of the elements that I am making in a class with world class digital diva Renee Pearson and there was such a demand for them, that I decided to try and create a blog so that downloading the papers and elements would be easier. (or so I thought) After diving into this "blog thing" I think that simply continuing to email out the files might have been FAR easier! LOL But here I am. In the future, I plan on sharing my layouts, more elements and designs as well as a sprinkling of posts regarding my life. Please be patient with me as I learn about photo hosting, downloading, and the dreaded HTML! Mahalo for your patience (that's thank you for your patience for all of you non-islanders!)

Please download any of my designs for free by clicking on the underlined title. If you use them in a layout that's posted or published, please let me know the site so that I can link it to my blog, and if you would be so kind, please give me credit!