Thursday, November 15, 2007

'07 Christmas Kit Elements

Here are the elements! I know that the picture makes it look as though it's a giant jumble of sorts, but there are some pretty cool things here, if I do say so myself! LOL There are "wooden" frames, ribbons, tags (including one you can actually use as a real gift tag if you'd like), bows (the large gift box bow that is in my layout below is simply the regular grosgrain bow. I duplicated the bow several times and then simply turned the bows at different angles, keeping the center of all the bows on top of one another). I added the one that I made for my layout into the kit, but you can do the same with the other colors too! A plaid tree that matches the paper I posted yesterday and tons of other fun stuff! I do want to mention that I created the Peace On Earth Element all on my own, but I did "scraplift" the colors and the idea for the letters and circles from Shabby Princess. They're a great site for freebies and have a really nice store as well. Check them out! I have l link for them under my Favorites lists on the left side of the page!

Below is a quick layout that I did with the kit of my son Ethan wearing his first tie (we almost NEVER dress up here in Hawaii, but he was an angel in the Christmas program at school). Just an idea for a layout. If people are interested in me creating a quick page from the layout, just leave me a message, if there is enough interest I'd be happy to do so!

Lastly, I have one last element to the kit that I will post tomorrow. It's a 4 x 8 Christmas card in .PNG format that you can simply add a picture or saying to and print out for Christmas cards! So please come back tomorrow and check it out!



p.s.! I took the liberty of including in the download an additional zipped file of the all the elements. This way if you decide to keep the files after using them you can store them in a much smaller space. Simply re-name the file and store it on your hard drive, CD, DVD or thumb drive and trash the expanded files until you need them again. If you do not plan on keeping the files beyond using them for some layouts then you can simply delete the "Archive" folder. Aloha!


mhsalgado said...

Your Christmas elements are awesome! Thank you so much! I love this kit.

Pat Fauquet said...

I just found your link in the Raspberry Road newsgroup. I really like your Christmas kit!

ktjrdn said...

I just downloaded a bunch. Thanks a lot!!

Cheryl said...

Saw your post in the RR Yahoo Group and came by . . . you do beautiful work. I am feeling the Christmas spirit. Just might have to do a page today with this kit. Check in on my blog soon to see . . . thanks so much for sharing. I'll be checking in on you here and at the RR group!

Shell said...

Just found your blog today. Thanks so much for all the shares.