Saturday, November 17, 2007

2 New Freebies! Holly Elements & Border plus Holiday Checklists

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So, I'm heading out for a week ladies! My family and I are going to the beach for Thanksgiving week. My husband is just back after 15 months in Iraq, and so we're taking a little vacation out to a beach called Bellows on the windward side of Oahu where we live. It's nothing but surf, sand, reading and relaxation! So here are my last Freebies until after Thanksgiving weekend! Have a great Day on Thursday (and try not to lose your mind or your entire savings account on Friday!).

The first freebie that I have for you before I go is a few small Holly Elements to decorate your pages, along with a 12" inch Holly border! (Just a little tip... if you want a shorter border, say for an 8" page or so, it's better to select the size you want with the Rectangle Marquee tool (this is for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements) and Copy and then paste to a new transparent file to use than it is to transform the original file (if you just move it in to make it shorter it distorts the holly, if you transform the file from the corners, keeping the dimensions the same, the border will be too small. So, just copy paste and use)!

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The second Freebie before I go are some Holiday Checklists. I am a strange breed of woman who is incredibly naturally messy and all over the place, but who SO longs to be orderly and organized! So I accepted that lists are my only hope!! Here are a few of my favorites... just thought I would share! They're 8.5 x 11 letter size files and the first list, my daily LIFESAVER, is actually 4 lists and this is how you use it:

Print out the sheet once, fold it into fourths and if I've orientated it correctly you should have a small booklet of sorts. Perfect size for your purse or pocket, it has all the necessities; TO DO, TO BUY, TO CALL and one I've left blank for your specific to do list. Just check off the things as you do them and then if you have some left, finish them off the next day (I take all unfinished items and move them to the next day's list so they don't pile up as I procrastinate! LOL)

The next is a simple Shopping List (for gifts OR groceries) Use the full page for a big trip, cut it in half for 2 smaller lists. And the last is a Gift Giving List this is a great list just to keep you on track of all your gifts this year. Write down the name of the person to buy for and the gift you plan to buy. Then once you buy the gift, check it off. When you wrap it, check it off, and then again when you ship or give it! There's also a place for the recipients address to take to the post office with you.

Hope they help, hope you enjoy and if you have a minute "leave me some love" with a comment or two!!!

Aloha until after Thanksgiving weekend!!


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