Thursday, November 8, 2007

Plumeria Stamp

So, the first whole day of my little blog and already I have comments! (thank you so much my fellow student - Traci!) I stayed up so late last night on my computer having fun in photoshop, I have to's a little addictive!! Here is another stamp, this time with white plumeria. I have a beautiful plumeria tree on the side of our home that simply smells wonderful! When it blooms our whole house smells of the pretty little flower!

Feel free to download the stamp by clicking on the underlined title above!

Aloha -



PattyAnne said...

Hi Shauna!

I love your blog!
I too stay up way too late OFTEN playing with PhotoShop.
I think you said you have CS3, right?
And you like photography, right?
Well you should head to the bookstore and check out this book. It is GREAT!!!
Scot Kelby's 7-Point System for Adobe PhotoShop. You can get the book online more cheaply BUT it is fun to look at at the bookstore. I can't believe how using the techniques has helped to make my photos 'pop'.
Also, if you have time, hav eyou ever watched the videos online at Pretty cool stuff!! ( I thihnkg there is an elements version too.) Ok, I"ve rambled way too long... gotta get back to playing.
PattyAnne (fellow delicious class memeber).

jjstar said...

Congrats on the blog!

mhsalgado said...

I love plumeria as well as stamps. This one is awesome! Thanks.