Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Irene! Irene! Irene Alexeeva! (oh... and WordArt Wednesday! LOL!)

So.... many many months ago (6 to be exact) I - like many of you - was trolling some freebie sites and came across a blog where I was absolutely STUNNED by the designs of someone whom I had never even heard of before... Irene Alexeeva.... I emailed Irene and told her that I'd LOVE for her to come on board at the Orchard (where we had nearly NO other designers at the time! LOL) and she explained that due to contractual obligations to her past store, she was unable to sell anywhere for the next 6 months (crazy right?)

But here we are... 6 months later and even though she has been hanging out with us over at the Orchard all this time we weren't able to open her store unti...... drum roll please....


Whoo Hoo!! Irene's store is open!!! Check out just a few of her OVER 40 products at her store by clicking HERE or on any of the previews you see below!!!

And last... but certainly not least! It's WordArt Wednesday (or close to it anyway! LOL) and that means some GORGEOUS wordart from Bethany! Click on the image to take you to the download link!!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

As if I wasn't busy enough! Totally NSBR!!

Ethan, my darling 8 year old son, and I just discovered the SINGLE COOLEST BOOK (and book idea) that I think I've EVER seen... and my "I don't LIKE to read" and "Reading is BORING" son is hooked!!!

If you have an 8-14 year old (or close enough) OR love puzzles, games and Harry Potter (I think I loved those darn books WAY more than my kids did) then check out my new blog (yes... I said my new blog... sigh) that Ethan and I have started to blog our experience with this new book series (and to document our clues and perhaps swap cards and clues in hopes of wining some of the $100,000.00) in cash and prizes!

If you'd like to join me... check out my new blog by clicking HERE !

And if not... well, um.. sorry to bother you? he he he!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New kit and other stuff!!

Sorry ladies... life's been a bit rough here lately so I've got NO freebie today... SIGH... maybe this weekend???

But I did want to share my new stuff with you! I had SUCH a good time making this new kit with the FABULOUS Amanda Heinmann (at TheDigiChick) and I can't wait to see what you all think about it! (all the images are clickable by the way!)

I also have a new Commercial Use item out this week! Some new vintage paper styles (requested by one of my blog readers!!!) Do you like them???

The Paper Styles: These styles can be used by ANYONE (not just commercially) for turning ANY shape into a vintage distressed paper object!

Aloha ladies!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WordArt Wednesday!

You know what day it is!! HUMP DAY! And Bethany, of ElegantWordArt (along with Ziggle Designs this week!!) has made you a little FreeBee to get you over that "hump"! LOL

Click on the image to download!! And don't forget to post your layouts in the WordArt Wedneday Gallery so that we can leave you some love!!

Enjoy ladies!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

MY new challenge!!! (with a Free'Bee'!!)

Welcome to my very own Challenge, the newest one at the Orchard! When I was a digital customer, there is NOTHING I liked more than a good challenge (except maybe a challenge with a FREE'BEE' attached...LOL)

And I was always curious about how on earth the designers "came up with" their ideas! Well, as I began designing I figured out pretty quickly that nearly EVERYTHING inspired me! LOL A favorite photo, A cute baby outfit in a store window, an ad for a store, a decorating magazine... you name it!

So each month I'm going to challenge myself by finding an "inspirational item" then creating a Free'bee' to go with it for you... YOUR CHALLENGE? Create a cute layout and post it in my INSPIRATION CHALLENGE gallery and forum at ScrapOrchard.com! (which Mel is going to create for me ASAP...so please be patient! LOL!!)

So without further ado... my inspiration challenge AND Freebie!! (Click the image to take you to the download link!)



Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's FRIDAY! And you know what that means!

New products (and a Freebie) from me!!

So... first things first... LOL! I wanted to show off my THREE... yes THREE new products this week! Woo hoo!

First I have some cool new Commercial/Personal use WOVEN OVERLAYS! (click on the images for more info!)

Some new Commercial/Personal Use set of silk flowers (easy to re-color!)

And a new kit!!

And last, but never never least... A FREEBIE ADD ON TO MY NEW KIT....Autumn Whisper!

Click on the image to download!

I love the paper in this little add on, and one of the leaves and frame are made from a new style that I'm coming out with next week. One of you faithful bloggers emailed me and asked for a plain vintage paper style and this is what I came up with! Love your emails ladies... keep them coming!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scarletheels has a GORGEOUS Freebie on her blog!

So I just had to share it too!

I love MiYon's Alphas and this one is SPECTACULAR!! If you like her alpha, check out HER STORE!

Click on the Image to go to MiYon's blog and download her alpha!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WordArt Wednesday! 9,000 and Counting and a New Designer!

Cool news! Our little store, ScrapOrchard.com has reached the 9,000 member mark! 9,000 people just like you have registered at the store in order to shop, download freebees, take part in challenges and be part of our scrapping community! Thank you to all of you who have made Scrap Orchard THE up-and-coming store in the digital community!! :)

Also, we need to welcome the newest Orchard Girl, Rachel Freer of Cuppycake Digital Designs! Rachel took part in our "So You Think You Can Design" Designer Contest this spring and then joined our "Seedling" intern program, and now here she is! A full blown Exclusive Designer at SO!

Here are just a few of her products, and a link to HER STORE

And, as always... Wednesday brings us FREE WORD ART from the wonderful Bethany, of Elegant Word Art! So click on the image below to take you to our FreeBee Gallery where you can download this, and tons of other fabulous free'bees'! Then be sure to post your layout in the WORD ART WEDNESDAY GALLERY


Friday, September 12, 2008

ohhhhh the flu!

Yuck yuck yuck... I can't stand the flu! My head is stuffy, my throat is killing me, the coughing is keeping me awake all night, and all I want to do is take some good medicine and curl back up into bed - which is EXACTLY where I'm headed right after I show you some of the new stuff in the Orchard...LOL!

It's Fresh Fruit Friday and there is some GREAT stuff in the Orchard for you all, this is just a "taste" of it!

I have some new overlays!

Kami and Becky did a collab that is darling!

And Bren Boone has some WONDERFUL new stuff too!

Don't forget! When you subscribe to our Newsletters, (click on the word to sign up) you get a coupon EACH WEEK for 20% off of all the new Fresh Fruit in the Orchard!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

WordArt Wednesday!

My how time flies! Here we are again with another wonderful piece of WordArt from Bethany of Elegant Word Art!

Download the WordArt, let it inspire you to create a new layout and then post it in the GALLERY!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Template Teusday and Scarletheels Designs are in the Orchard!

I am sooo happy to announce that after her short stay with us as a Guest Designer, MiYon of Scharletheel Designs has come on board as a permanent designer here at the Orchard! MiYon is an INCREDIBLY talented designer who has some phenomenally orignal element packs, alphas and kits that you simply MUST see to believe! You can check out her store HERE! Welcome MiYon! We're SO excited to have you on board!!!

Also, I'm happy to announce our first Template Tuesday! Join us in our Monthly Template Challenge won't you? Sine (of Designs by Sine) has created an ADORABLE template JUST for our template challenge!

Download it by clicking on the image below... leave Sine some love and then Post your layouts in our Template Challenge Gallery!

Love the Template? Sine's Store is full of wonderful ways to "jump start" your scrapping! Check them all out HERE


Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 New Kits (1 is for FREE!) and a FreeBee AddOn!

Spiro-Graffiti is back! I've completely redone this OLD OLD OLD kit ('Cause I just LOVE it!) and it's better than ever! Take a peek, won't you? I also have a FREE kit! Called Midnight Garden! Just purchase 10.00 or more in my store and add this kit to your cart, the price will automatically change to 0.00 in your cart! Kami and I are planning on doing these every month for our loyal customers, so go shopping, get some free stuff! (ooohhh I LOVE free stuff!) Speaking of which, I added a FreeBee mini for Spiro at the bottom of this post!


The Kit: Check it out HERE in my store

Some FAB layouts from a few of my CT!

The FREE kit (with a $10.00 purchase) Click on the image to check it out!

Your FreeBee! (click on the image to download from 4Shared!)

Enjoy ladies and have a great weekend!

(LaLa... if you're reading this... I MISS YOU!!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A WordArt FreeBee from Bethany!

So my kids are FINALLY starting school tomorrow which means my life of leisure this summer (ha ha ha) is coming to an end... my recent days of lazing around the house, designing and hanging out playing Mario Kart with Ethan are at an end... they've been replaced with CRAZY mornings filled with "MOM! Where is my book!... MOM! Where are my shoes! ... MOM!! We're LATE, I TOLD you I had to be to school by 7:30 this morning!!" and after school homework pains, science fair projects and PTA Meetings.... SIGH... Am I the ONLY one dreading school starting??? LOL!!

But Bethany of Elegant WordArt made me smile at least with her new FAB FreeBee for her WordArt Wednesday Challenge at the Orchard :) Thanks Bethany!!

Here's her latest and greatest! Click on the image to download and then PLEASE post some love for Bethany, and your layouts in the GALLERY!

Just click on the image to take you to the FABULOUS Scrap Orchard FreeBee Gallery, where - if you're registered - you can pick up THIS and many more FreeBees!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bring it on Zakirah (Matahati Designs)

he he he! Did you see that play on words? No, I'm NOT challenging our newest exclusive designer to a "throw down" I'm blogging about BOTH Kami's Bring It Challenge for the month AND our newest Orchard Girl!

First things first... If you haven't already participated in Kami's Bring it Challenge... you should definitely give it a shot! It's a FABULOUS way to stretch your "scrapping" skills! Each month Kami gives us a "them" (last month was Tolerance) and then gives us the challenge to scrap about! This month is "Change" as in how you've changed, what you think about change.. etc. and then scrap it! It's fabulous!! Check out this month's challenge post HERE.

And congrats to Chia for winning last month's challenge with her layout "small"

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Zakirah to the Orchard! (I know that I mentioned her coming on board earlier this week, but with everything else in that blog post...it seemed to get lost!) So check out Z's gorgeous new kit and she's even got a FreeBee for you!!

Click the images to get a better look! :) And if you want to take a look at her freebee that goes with it click on THIS image!

Later Gators! he he he!

Shauna, Pineapple Plantation Designs

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lots of BIG NEWS and a FreeBee!!

So there is soooooo much news to share! Where do I begin... oh yeah! A fabulous lady, SPECTACULAR designer and a really great friend has joined us in the Orchard as a guest designer this month! BREN BOONE!!

Here is her kit - found ONLY in the Orchard! Click on the image for a better look!

She's also got some fabulous new frames that are to DIE for! So take a look at her store HERE

Bren also teemed up with Kami of Ziggle Designs and I to make a charity kit that is near and dear to my heart... we're raising funds to send care packages to soldiers in my dh's old unit who are re-deploying to Iraq in November. I'm so excited about it! Here are the previews and you can find it ONLY at the Orchard... so pick up this FABULOUS kit and donate to a really worthy cause!!

And here is a layout done by one of my new CT Bec... it's gorgeous isn't it??

Click on the images to download a FABULOUS kit and brag book AND bring a smile to a soldier's face!

Oh... and did I FORGET to mention that there's another Apple Cart Challenge at the Orchard! Just download this FREE mini kit from me and use ALL of the items in your layout... then post your layout in the Apple Cart Challenge Gallery and or Forum so that we can all leave you some love!

Click on the image to download! (don't forget... you need to be registered in the Scrap Orchard Gallery/Forum to see the FreeBee forum)!