Sunday, September 28, 2008

As if I wasn't busy enough! Totally NSBR!!

Ethan, my darling 8 year old son, and I just discovered the SINGLE COOLEST BOOK (and book idea) that I think I've EVER seen... and my "I don't LIKE to read" and "Reading is BORING" son is hooked!!!

If you have an 8-14 year old (or close enough) OR love puzzles, games and Harry Potter (I think I loved those darn books WAY more than my kids did) then check out my new blog (yes... I said my new blog... sigh) that Ethan and I have started to blog our experience with this new book series (and to document our clues and perhaps swap cards and clues in hopes of wining some of the $100,000.00) in cash and prizes!

If you'd like to join me... check out my new blog by clicking HERE !

And if not... well, um.. sorry to bother you? he he he!!

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