Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A WordArt FreeBee from Bethany!

So my kids are FINALLY starting school tomorrow which means my life of leisure this summer (ha ha ha) is coming to an end... my recent days of lazing around the house, designing and hanging out playing Mario Kart with Ethan are at an end... they've been replaced with CRAZY mornings filled with "MOM! Where is my book!... MOM! Where are my shoes! ... MOM!! We're LATE, I TOLD you I had to be to school by 7:30 this morning!!" and after school homework pains, science fair projects and PTA Meetings.... SIGH... Am I the ONLY one dreading school starting??? LOL!!

But Bethany of Elegant WordArt made me smile at least with her new FAB FreeBee for her WordArt Wednesday Challenge at the Orchard :) Thanks Bethany!!

Here's her latest and greatest! Click on the image to download and then PLEASE post some love for Bethany, and your layouts in the GALLERY!

Just click on the image to take you to the FABULOUS Scrap Orchard FreeBee Gallery, where - if you're registered - you can pick up THIS and many more FreeBees!


elnorac said...

Love, love, love this word art! Thank you so much!

Keith, Bethany, & Tally said...

Love the word out - will be perfect for my graduation layout! (I'm scrapping stuff 4 years old!)