Monday, September 22, 2008

MY new challenge!!! (with a Free'Bee'!!)

Welcome to my very own Challenge, the newest one at the Orchard! When I was a digital customer, there is NOTHING I liked more than a good challenge (except maybe a challenge with a FREE'BEE' attached...LOL)

And I was always curious about how on earth the designers "came up with" their ideas! Well, as I began designing I figured out pretty quickly that nearly EVERYTHING inspired me! LOL A favorite photo, A cute baby outfit in a store window, an ad for a store, a decorating magazine... you name it!

So each month I'm going to challenge myself by finding an "inspirational item" then creating a Free'bee' to go with it for you... YOUR CHALLENGE? Create a cute layout and post it in my INSPIRATION CHALLENGE gallery and forum at! (which Mel is going to create for me please be patient! LOL!!)

So without further ado... my inspiration challenge AND Freebie!! (Click the image to take you to the download link!)




IkeaGoddess said...

Wow, what an inspiration, I want the rain boots too ;-) Thank you for the cute mini kit.

Kristen said...

How do challenges work at scrap orchard? Do you get points to use toward a gift card or anything for participating? I searched the forum and couldn't figure it out! Thanks!

jaye said...

I love it, I downloaded it, I've already scrapped with it :)