Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bring it on Zakirah (Matahati Designs)

he he he! Did you see that play on words? No, I'm NOT challenging our newest exclusive designer to a "throw down" I'm blogging about BOTH Kami's Bring It Challenge for the month AND our newest Orchard Girl!

First things first... If you haven't already participated in Kami's Bring it Challenge... you should definitely give it a shot! It's a FABULOUS way to stretch your "scrapping" skills! Each month Kami gives us a "them" (last month was Tolerance) and then gives us the challenge to scrap about! This month is "Change" as in how you've changed, what you think about change.. etc. and then scrap it! It's fabulous!! Check out this month's challenge post HERE.

And congrats to Chia for winning last month's challenge with her layout "small"

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME Zakirah to the Orchard! (I know that I mentioned her coming on board earlier this week, but with everything else in that blog post...it seemed to get lost!) So check out Z's gorgeous new kit and she's even got a FreeBee for you!!

Click the images to get a better look! :) And if you want to take a look at her freebee that goes with it click on THIS image!

Later Gators! he he he!

Shauna, Pineapple Plantation Designs

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