Thursday, August 28, 2008

Diamonds Are...

A Girl's Best Friend!! My new kit...

So here's the thing... my 14 year old DD is SUCH a tomboy! Loves to skateboard, play sports, dress in t-shirts and capris... all TomGIRL... but she recently looked at my kits and told me that I was "biased" against girls because most of my kits were for, being a Feminist in the BEST sense of the word, (and frankly, taking a look at my store) I had to STRONGLY disagree with Emily, BUT being 14, and therefore NEVER wrong, she "challenged" me to make an ALL PINK kit. And, never one to back down from a challenge, I present... A GIRL'S BEST FRIEND! LOL and... (seeing as how White and Black are technically NOT colors...) it is an ALL PINK kit! LOL

TAKE THAT Emily!!! LOL!! (Argggghhh... TEENAGERS)

And what's a new kit without a FreeBee just for you to go with it!

Click on the image to download it... and if you love it check it out in my store HERE

While you're there... we're having TWO HUGE SALES at The Orchard too! Our weekend Labor Day sale where you get $4.04 off of every 10.00 purchase (don't ask... it's a complicated math formula that Mel figured out based on our theme of an "UnBirthday Sale"... just figure that it's over 40% off your purchase!

We're also having a Farmer's Market Sale this weekend!! Where EVERYTHING in the Farmer's Market is only $1.00... including this cute mini kit from Ellie Lash and Me! Click on the Image to take you to the Farmer's Market! You'll find almost 75 $1.00 products!!

Plus, with the sale going on... you basically get 40% off of all our new products (including my new kit!!) and KAMI'S SUPER CUTE... "Love Bug" if you shop before Tuesday!


Simply Sarah said...

OMG - a girls BF is so cute! i love the black, white and pink combo and it isn't too girly. It is simple and beautiful. Thank you for the tags... I might have to pick this kit up... I still haven't made a mini book yet for my SIL who got married a year ago on the 1st (bad me) and her colors were these same ones!

Peekerdo said...

Thank You very much for sharing your Tags freebie..I love the pink color..they will be used in my motherdaughter layout!

Suz said...

Just stopping in to say Hi and Thanks, and let you know I gave you some♥"Link Love"♥over at my place. It’s long overdue…sorry so late!! Each time I go “hunting”, I still get Wowed by the amazing stuff you designers create and then give to us for free. I myself am truly thankful, because without you and your generosity…all of this would be only half as fun. Stay sweet. :) Suzee Q's Stuff
P.S. Because I’m behind on giving “luv”…I will have to duplicate this for my other “peeps”. I hope this does not take away from the sincerity, because I think you are special and deserve at the least…a “copy and paste”. hee,hee :)