Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You are Kidding me!

I want to CRY!!! We're still experiencing "issues" with our server and between that and the increased traffic our site is giving us fits!!!

In addition to us having to reboot our system we're NOT currently getting our emails either! So any emails sent to customer service are not being delivered!! We are SSSSSSSOOOOOOOO sorry!

We have taken the store down temporarily while we work on some quick fixes! We will get it back up as soon as possible!! Please keep checking back!

Also, we know some of you are having problems with the coupon codes. Here are a couple things to check:

1. The codes letters are hidden out of order. So, for example, one code might be "_ _ C _ _ _ _ _ _ _". This means "C" is the 3rd letter in the coupon code. Please make sure you have the right code (it kinda spells something, so if you know what it spells, you know you have the right code)!!

2. Please make sure you're logged in to the store. Even if you think you're logged in, and even if it SAYS you're logged in, if the coupon isn't working, please log in again.

3. Make sure you are using the code in the "promotional code" box on the first page of the cart (not the gift certificate option).

If you are still having problems with the codes, please email me at kami(dot)leonard at sbcglobal(dot)net!
If you have placed an order and not received your links, please also email me (and check your account in the store, because I've been manually releasing links as I see them).

I can't apologize enough guys! We are so incredibly sorry!! We will get this worked out as soon as possible! We really appreciate you guys hanging in there with us!! You guys RAWK!

(btw- I totally just hijacked SHAUNA'S blog!! heehee)



Teri said...

so sorry you are having more problems. ((HUGS))

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Oh my goodness... I'm so sorry to hear about your server issues! I just stumbled your your blog through Facebook and felt so bad for you when I saw your post.

Been there... done that... know the pain.

Here's a prayer that it gets going for your quickly.

All the best to you,


Lisa said...

Kami, Please there is no need to apoligize! We certainly understand it isn't anything you can help and are just grateful for what you are offering us in that awesome kit!

Hope things are resolved for you guys soon, I know you all are about to pull your hair out!!

(btw- I totally just hijacked SHAUNA'S blog!! heehee) LOL!!!

makuahine said...

Thanks so much for the kit -- I was finally able to find all but one of the clues (but figured out the code from what was left haha) and get mine in and am downloading it now.

Are you hosted on a VPS? You mentioned restarting your server.

I just recently moved my blog to a new host that is VPS like hosting but it's shared, so I have access to all that stuff about restarting and such. I was having major problems with my site being incredibly slow and/or not loading at all. After moving, the problems followed me and I was able to see things in the error logs I had not before. Something about MaxClients. Anyway, I raised that and now my site loads. SOO, I obviously don't know all about your problems but it seems like you are having some of the same problem I was, and maybe you could take a look in that area if you haven't already.

Jody said...

Sorry your are having problems. I know nothing about servers so can't help you there. I did find all the letters for the two codes and was able to download them both yesterday. Had a problem with one of the codes but that was resolved early in the day.

Thanks for all your work. I know it is easier for you to just give us the links to download your wonderful kit, but it makes it more of a challenge for me when I have to look for something in order to earn the kit.

Thanks Kami and Shawna and all th girls