Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Ever Apple Cart Challenge at Scrap Orchard (check out the freebee!)

So now that the contest is over, we're all settling in to get back down to business and working on some great new additions to the Orchard... one of which is to start some weekly blog challenges! This week, my BFF Kami of Ziggle Designs has made our first ever "Apple Cart" challenge...the rules and the preview are below... click on the image to visit the gallery to download this mini kit for free!

The rules are to make a layout using everything in the Apple Cart Challenge #1 Free"bee"!! Post your layouts in our challenge gallery and a link in the challenge forum so we can see all the incredible and different layouts everyone will do with the same kit!!

Please remember you have to be registered and logged in to the gallery to access our Free"bee" Gallery!!

We are having our SO SUNny Scavenger Hunt tomorrow!! You won't want to miss it!! You'll get ALL OF THIS FOR FREE!!!





I'll post the rules and directions tomorrow night! See you then!


jaye said...

downloaded the Apple Cart challenge kit this morning, looks great! Can't wait to get started on it tonight.
Love to see the Orchard blossoming, keep up the great work!

Phoebe said...

Such a cute freebie kit!! Thank you so much!! Glad to see you're back up and running!! :-)
I'm so excited about the scavenger hunt!! Can't wait for that!! Thanks, again!!

Stefani said...

Can't wait Shauna! So cute! thanks!

grambie said...

Glad to hear the good news. I think that everytime that I say that I am going to join in a challenge or whatever, something always goes wrong. Last Sunday, I was so ready, but then couldn't get into the site and just gave up. This is what happened to me when I first had to sign up for the new site, you had so many visitors that your site went down. Of course, I couldn't get in and missed out on so many activities. I will blame it on old age, LOL. So loved all the freebies, but missed quite a few because I didn't realize that the arrow on the preview page was up, so no information was available for download. I finally took a good look and collapsed the arrow. Double Duh! So solace for me, it happened to quite a few who was asking how do I get the download. I had a fun time and congratulations on all the lovely designers as well as the extensive work and time that went into the making and further execution. I do not, and did not envy whoever had to make the selection choices. We all had out favorites and look forward to future challenges. So nice to visit you Shauna at my ole favorite blog where I always remember to go. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO