Tuesday, July 1, 2008

OMG... Shot for Utah... ended up in Tijuana???

OK, so right now dh, the kids, the dog and our 15 darn suitcases are in our Toyota Sienna driving through Death Valley and headed towards Las Vegas (isn't technology AMAZING??)

THE PLAN was to get off the plane this morning in LA, go to Kami's house for lunch, then head out for Richfield, Utah (half way point from LA to Denver) to spend the night and rest up for the drive to Denver... the plan was a good one, right up until we got to Kami's house and she and I had WAY too much fun (and frankly, after 10 days in a hotel I had WAY too much laundry) so "the plan" got off to a bit of a late start from Kami's, but dh and the kids got some good rest so that he could drive the 7 hours it was supposed to take to get to Richfield.

So we said our goodbyes (and then literally 2 blocks later turned around to pick up dd's ice cream sandwich she had left behind... SIGH) and headed out...

I should first tell you that JUST FOR THIS TRIP dh and I purchased a GPS for the car as it would be soooo much easier than reading a map the whole trip right? (you see where this is going don't you?) and no sooner did we leave Corona, CA and the GPS set us on our trip on I 15... VERY shortly thereafter the 18 hours of traveling with no sleep caught up with me and I fell asleep... I woke up briefly at some point to hear my dd Brittany ask her dad "Dad... did we just make a big circle?" I hear my dh's reply something to the effect of "no... the GPS just sent us on a short detour) and back I fell asleep.

Sometime later I head dh's quickly rising voice ask me to wake up... and I hear the words "Honey... I think I just saw signs for Corona, CA!!!" (the very SAME city that we had left over 2 and a half hours earlier!) Thinking that he was surely joking, I slowly woke up to find that he was pulling into a gas station, pulling out the Atlas and sending dd Emily into the Gas Station to get the address...(JUST SURE that despite what I was telling him that we were NOT somehow back in Corona having just driven in a circle for almost 3 hours?? LMBO!)

And yet, after a short discussion, look at the map and the dim memory of getting onto I 15 SOUTH out of Corona we realized that we somehow took the interstate in the WRONG direction right out of the gate and the GPS hadn't turned dh around until the darn interstate ENDED...


And that, dear friends is how we "Shot for Utah, and NEARLY ended up in Tijuana!

(the moral of the story? Um... when driving in an unfamiliar state at night, don't trust the GPS, while your co-pilot/wife is sleeping!?)

P.S. Kami, if you're reading this, I KNOW that you are laughing your BUTT off right now... please know that I tried to convince Chris to simply stop in Corona so that we could crash at your place,(would you not have JUST DIED if we had shown up at your door at 10:00 last night??) but I think his "man pride" prevented THAT from happening... as we speak it's 2:00 a.m. local time, we've JUST passed through Vegas and the plan is to drive STRAIGHT to Denver...

Um... could have been worse right? I could be lost somewhere deep in Mexico???

P.P.S... using my mobile broadband, a google image search for Tijuana and a little Photoshop magic THIS is my vision of how it might have been had the GPS allowed us to go just a LITTLE bit further south! he he he! (my dh is the one on the LEFT if you hadn't already guessed that! ha ha ha!!!)


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! Tijuana is definitely the opposite of Utah(wave hi for me as you drive through, that's home!). I hope you make it to denver without any more mishaps!

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

I can see you didn't leave your adventures behind on the islands.

jaye said...

OMG!!! You have tears streaming down my face. The(mis)adventures you get up! I so would love to travel with you, I may not get where I need to be on time but I sure would have a blast getting there! Continue to have a 'safe' trip.

Cari said...

OMG Girl - only you could head for Utah and wind up (almost) in Mexico - at least you didn't breakdown in some super tiny town where the only service station has no clue how to fix a VW - one of them thar fancy UR-A-Pee-en cars! Luv U - can't wait until you get to Jersey!

ziggle said...

OMG GIRL! I saw your post at SO this morning and put two and two together. The FIRST THING both DH and I said was... WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST COME BACK HERE!?!?! You really should have. Poor Ethan... This is gonna be a LONG trip for that baby... :(

littleginsu said...

Especially since after two hours in the car he thought y'all were in New Jersey already!!!

Here's my little Lost Travelers' story.. several years ago, my Step-Dad had to drive to Tucson (about 1.5 hours each way) almost everyday for work. Our family's usual pit-stop (or one of them if my Mom and I are in the car!) is a truck stop called the Triple T (TTT). It's a pretty nice place to stop, has showers, a restaurant, clean bathrooms, etc.

Geography Lesson: The TTT right off I10 just on the outskirts of Tucson (the eastern outskirts.. like on the way to New Mexico).

Tucson is about 240 miles from the California/Arizona border; and about 140 miles from the New Mexico/Arizona border.

Anywho, so my Step-Dad had stopped at the TTT on his way home and overheard this elderly couple asking someone for directions to Albuquerque, NM... it appears they started their journey somewhere in Texas, possibly El Paso. Yea.. they overshot the entire state of New Mexico and landed-up smack dab in the middle of Arizona...!!!

Beth said...

Oh man, hilarious! Yes, as a former Utah resident, I can attest that Tijuana and Utah are not quite the same!! LOL

Good luck with the rest of your trip!!

littleginsu said...

Oh! And my Step-Dad also ran into someone who was down around the same area of I10 who was from LA.. looking for the turn off for Vegas!!