Friday, July 25, 2008

Ellie's Got a QP too!

Ok, so Ellie didn't have her QP up when I did my post last night, but She's got it up now and it's STUNNING!! So I thought I'd share it with you guys too! Head on over to her blog and download it!

P.S. I've sooo missed blogging! I MUST make some time to make some more freebees/Tuts for you guys, you've frankly been neglected for WAY too long! :)

Click on the image to go to Ellie's Blog


jaye said...

Um, yeah, feeling neglected just a little bit. I mean just because you moved across country in a van filled wtih children and a dog is no excuse for leaving us faithful stalkers, I mean fans in the lurch.

Tuts, I would still love the one on extractions....remember my NSD troll? I'm getting a little better.

Cindyrelly said...

Well, I have had a link to your blog for many months now ever since way back when you were pissing everyone off with your tuts ;) I FINALLY snagged your blinkie and made that the link. I'm glad you made it safely to NJ :)