Thursday, July 3, 2008

OMGosh! TOO much stuff going on at the Orchard!

And a Freebee from our very own Ellie Lash to boot!

Wow! Pull up a chair and head on over to the Market and Forum here at Scrap Orchard, because we have a TON of stuff going on!!

FIRST OF ALL it is (as always) Fresh Fruit Friday so we have a TON of new stuff for you all! Check them all out HERE

We're ALSO having a HUGE sale here at the Orchard but this time it's a bit different, we're all doing our "own thing", so check out the ad below to see the different sales.

Plus!! Our FABULOUS Co-Owner and gifted Webmistress is opening her very own store at the Orchard! She can pimp our your blog or website like nobody's business, so check out her store (ALL of her services are on sale this week!!!)

PLUS!!! We have our Apple Cart Challenge with a FREEBEE from our very own ELLIE LASH!!! (click on the image at the bottom of this post to take you to the freebee gallery (don't forget to register with the forum/gallery first!)

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST it's another FARMER'S MARKET!!! Right now there are 6 pages of BARGAIN BASEMENT (hellooooo... $1.00!!!) Items in there (including some FULL KITS!), so go stock up while you can!

I TOLD you it was going to be crazy! he he he! Check it all out...


4th of July Sale
Framer's Market - Everything Only $1

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