Saturday, February 9, 2008

2.09.08 - Designer Template 01 and a Vent?

Ok, so I'm going out on a limb here and going to go with my originally planned post despite some not so nice emails today! (Can I vent a bit??) So, I'm feeling a bit like Penn and Teller at a magician's conference today (does anyone get that reference besides me? LOL) For those that don't, Penn and Teller are magicians that, during their show, often share how their tricks are done. Because of this they apparently aren't very well liked in the "magician community".

Soooo...back to the original reference...LOL... I got a few nasty emails today from "fellow designers" who "had concerns" that perhaps it would be in my "best interest" to simply continue with my "nicely designed freebies" and "discontinue" my "step-by-step tutorials". This, they basically said might "lessen the desire of digital scrapbookers to purchase not just" (my) "kits, but ALL my fellow designers kits in lieu of creating their own". In other words, if you learn how to use photoshop like "we" do, if I continue to try and share the little bit of knowledge that I have about photoshop, that THE SKIES WILL FALL, and ALL GRAPHIC DESIGNERS LIKE MYSELF WILL BE OUT OF BUSINESS!!! Seriously??? Are they out of their minds??? There are literally THOUSANDS of photoshop tutorials on the web, and granted, the majority of them are not for scrapbooking specifically, but HELLO... really? Little 'ol me is going to bring this HUGE industry to it's knees with my little blog??

The emails (THREE of them no less! A coincidence you think? I think not.) all basically started out nicely and then got somewhat nasty basically telling me that this was a "small community" and that designers needed to stick together and share these tutorials amongst one another, NOT the "general public" and that it would be bad for my blog and my business if I "upset other designers"... WHAT?? I'm still a bit stunned by it all, and confused, and to be honest....kind of giggly...are they crazy??

So anyone still reading this post (especially my "fellow designers" who may be "upset" by my tutorials") I say... KISS MY BACKSIDE! (and, if I can make another suggestion.... GET A LIFE!) make matters worse, I recently had an idea for a (somewhat) new (at least new to me!) Idea for a product for my little store at Digital Candy... Designer Templates! In other words, templates that weren't just "sketches" or basic layout templates (NOT that there is ANYTHING wrong with those!!) but templates that go a bit further and include ACTUAL ELEMENTS to use with that template and on their own! So instead of drawn lines on a layer that say "replace with stitches" I would actually include the stitches... Instead of "add element" here, I would include an element that would go with that layout (and others), even papers that could be used for overlays if you liked the pattern...etc. (someone please email me if this is a booming industry already and I'm just an idiot that missed it somehow ok?? LOL)

So...that shouldn't be a problem right? EXCEPT that I thought all day about how I would word this post so that it didn't seem as though I was "slamming" those wonderful and talented designers who currently create some pretty darn great templates (like my dear fellow Candy Girl Chrissy W!! - luv you Chrissy!) I think that what they do is great! But I wanted to see how this would go over.... soooooo... then I got those lovely emails and thought...forget it! I can't post this today, I'll have an overflowing email box tomorrow from MORE "concerned designers" fearful that I would now take down the "template industry"!

OK - my rant is over. I've never backed down to a bully (even some slightly crazy ones if you ask me - I can't POSSIBLY be the ONLY designer out there who offers tutorials on my blog can I??) so, I'm putting up my first "designer template", I'm saying loudly and clearly that I LOVE my fellow designers, I LOVE those designers who make templates and I have no desire to bring this industry to it's knees by offering some help to my 700 or so loyal readers of this tiny little blog... I just want to share a bit of what I know and so I will continue to do so (don't hate me ok? I'm actually a pretty nice person! he he he!)

All's my template... in .PSD and .PNG format... you can use the the stitches, the buttons and button stitches, the ornament and even the patterned paper if you really want to, on this template or other layouts as well! The elements are all in shades of grey so coloring them should be a breeze...(don't know how to color an element?) well then!! Please refer to my TUTORIAL ON RE-COLORING ELEMENTS that I posted on 12.31.07 OR Visit me tomorrow when I'll post an EVEN BETTER TUTORIAL on re-coloring more complex elements. HA! TAKE THAT NASTY LADIES! (he he he! By the way...did I mention that I'm stubborn and defiant? It is now my PERSONAL mission to make ALL of you PHOTOSHOP PROFESSIONALS!! LOL)

Enjoy the template...I did when I used it to create this layout of my baby boy and my dh sharing a moment on the beach a few years back. Like the papers and elements in my layout??? I WISH I could claim them as my own...but they are from the SMITTEN KIT by Kami of Ziggle Designs and Angela Niehaus...(two of our finest designers at DC) I have TRIED to refrain from purchasing other designer's kits, simply because, let's face it...I should be making my own instead... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit and it's actually 20% off right now if you hurry up and get it. My layout doesn't really do the kit justice because the elements in this kit are TO DIE FOR, not to mention the papers... ANYWAY! Check out the kit, Download my template and if you would be so kind...let me know what you think of my idea for "upgraded" templates?? (please be kind...though k? I've had it rough here lately...if you hate it, just say...nope...hate it... I can live with that...LOL no, HATE HATE HATE IT YOU ARE STUPID STUPID STUPID...'cause that would just be uncalled for... he he he!)

Click HERE to download my new "Designer Template"

Click HERE to purchase Kami and Angela's TO DIE FOR "Smitten" Kit (or just to check it out!)

Click HERE to leave me a nice comment (nasty comments are limited to 3 words only he he he)


Cindyrelly said...

Wow, I am still trying to take all that in... How sad that people can be so petty and insecure! I have no desires to ever sell as a designer. I just wanted to learn how to use photoshop in a way that makes sense to me. I bought an ebook from another designer for that very purpose! Please don't let the nasty people stop you. Keep doing what you are doing! I have seen other designers do tuts. Misty Cato is the only One who comes to mind at the moment but I have seen MANY other too. I will email you again if I think of them ;) I like your template idea too... TY! Have a Great Weekend!

Jody said...

OMIGOSH I agree whoever complained needs to get a life. If they think your tutorials are going to eat into their sales they don't have much confidence in themselves.

I have seen tutorials on other sites, Misty Cato shares whenever possible. Your tutorial was so excellent - it explained it in such detail and I finally saw the light. I was so excited to learn this new technique and can't believe some people would say you shouldn't share.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow's tutorial on re-coloring and thank you for standing your ground. I sure didn't know there was a law against sharing knowledge with others.

Really, I am absolutely stunned that you received any emails let alone 3 emails. Me thinks those 3 are in this together.

There are so many techniques I would love to learn and hope you will keep sharing as you are able. Just because I learn some new techniques is certainly not going to stop me from buying some of the wonderful kits offered by designers nor am I a threat to them LOL. I am 70 years of age and have sen a lot of change in my lifetime - change that wouldn't have happened if people hadn't shared their knowledge.

Keep up the super work - luv you for standing up for what is good for every scrapper.

Jody said...

Oops forgot to add - I love the "Designer Templates" concept. I have run across this idea on occasion and find them so helpful. Thank you for helping ALL scrappers to make better layouts.

Crystal said...

Wow! That's unbelieveable. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with nasty people. Please don't let it discourage you, Shauna! You're doing a fabulous job with your blog. I can only speak for myself, but I for one, have no desire whatsoever to design. I feel that I have a pretty good handle on PHotoshop. I've been using it for over a year now. But, no matter how much of an expert I become, I'd rather leave the designing up to someone else, so I can enjoy scrapping! I know how to create papers, and even a few elements, but all that knowledge gave me is a better understanding of PHotoshop and how to use it.

Hang in there girl! Don't let a few nasty people ruin what you've set out to do! (((HUGS)))

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Well as a newbie all I can say is thanks for your help. Thanks for your tutorials. I don't think you will bring the end of the industry about. Someday I would love to play and be creative and have fun. But right now I'm so stinking behind on my scrapping that I don't have time to do all the creative stuff yet. So I'm filing these great lessons. But I'm still buying stuff that's out there. And EVEN when I have the time and talent to be creative I'll still buy stuff. Because why should I reinvent the wheel if the perfect product for my needs is already there. But if I can't find what I need it will be nice to create it. I think digi-scrapping is a growing industry and I'm sure there's room for everyone. Thanks for all you do and not one nasty word. But as a Southern Girl I'd say Kiss My Grits to the nasty ones. :)

ChrissyW said...

oh my - some people's kids!! - i for one have nooooo problem with what you do! - it takes all kinds is my motto and i love your freebies and tutorials!!! :)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the freebies AND the tutorials. I have started to design some of my own stuff but nothing in comparison to what I can get on the web. It is making me a better digital scrapbooker. I have seen templates like that out there. I know from one person in particular...but hers tend to always look the same kwim? I love yours and look forward to more!

FAni said...

RRRRRRRAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!! You GO girl!!! You are makinging me laugh! I feel the same way about bullies as you. Did they forget about LAZY PEOPLE???? 99% of people CAN do your tutorials, but only 25% will, and not on a consistent basis! Did they forget about BUSY PEOPLE? Who won't have time to do their own stuff. Did they forget about UNCREATIVE PEOPLE? I couldn't come up with much myself that ANYONE would use or buy. IF their stuff is great, they don't have to worry. People will buy it. My husband said, it's just like changing your car oil. Anyone can do it themselves, it's no secret how to do it. Most people would rather pay someone else to do it. SO to you other designers that wrote to Shauna, DON'T WORRY! The lazy, busy, and uncreative will keep you going!!!!

Sue said...

Ok time for me to put down the donut and comment about this. What a bunch of crap. Misery loves company. I am not a creative person and I rely completely on generous people like yourself to help me. Please please please don't stop what you're doing. I check your blog everyday and can't wait to see what you'll create next. AND guess what? The people (designers) who don't like what you're doing can stop coming to your blog!!! Ok, back to enjoying my coffee and donut. :-)

Susan said...

Wow...I can't believe what you're being told. I've been using Photoshop for years now but I love reading things about digital scrapping. I usually pick up a tip or two whenever I read a "GOOD" tutorial. I just discovered your site yesterday and came back today to spend some time here...wish I'd found it sooner.

I have no desire to be a designer but sometimes when I'm working on a layout I want a little something to go with a kit that isn't included. It's great to be able to make my own element to match. My work is for my personal scrapbooks only so I'm no threat to anyone and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there doing the same thing.

But even if I did want to be a you said...there's stuff all over the internet. Anything you want to know (about any subject)is basically just have to look for it. There's even "A SITE" I paid to join to learn digital scrapping techniques which basically took my money & folded (well it's up but names mentioned). Is that honourable or any way to treat potential designers? It really turned me off...some community! I'd much rather find a good site like yours to learn from than pay to have someone take advantage of me.

I think the designers who wrote to you should get a life...wish I knew who they were so I could make sure I never bought another design from them again. Thanks for your templates and tutorials. I think they are well done and obviously appreciated by many! Keep up the good work!

Pattycakes said...

You Go Girl!!! Don't let the jerks get you down...your creations are wonderful.

Sharon from Texas said...

Shauna, keep up the good work! I for one, do know Photoshop pretty well, but I have no desire to design my own! I love your tutorials to either refresh what I already know (but maybe forgot that I knew), or to just learn something new. I can't believe that everyone knows everything about Photoshop!

I love your idea about the new templates. I often look at other templates but do not have the element that makes that particular template "just right".

Just to let you know, your site is one I frequent often just BECAUSE of the little extras you give us! The others just treat us like idiots sometime.

Great job on your kits, tutorials, and templates! Keep up the good work!

Sharon from Texas

Sansai said...

Gotta love the socialist attitude of those 3 emails. "Let's just not help anyone or share a little knowledge."
Seems the "stop doing what your doing cause your ruining everything" posse has been around to many other blogs too - get a life girls!
I agree with the other comments here - keep up the great work and remember acts of kindness have the greatest rewards.

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Boy oh Boy - now we all know that those that are complaining have nothing better to do!! You are not the only designer around to share tutorials!! I think you should do what you want and not worry about the others. That is just petty and for them to think that a tutorial is going to cut into their sales - ha!! Too funny!! Love your attitude and keep those tutorials coming - also love the template idea!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

KrisG said...

First off, thank you for the template! It's awesome and I absolutley LOVE the LO you did with it... such inspiration! It's always nice to see what can be done with them.

Second... designer templates? I can't say for sure since I'm fairly new to the scrapbooking community, but isn't that kind of defeating the purpose of a template? Anyone who downloads a sketch or template HAS to have some "scrap stuff" to use... or create their own. I love the idea that even though someone else came up with an idea and I can make it my own UNIQUE page. Just my ideas... I don't think it's necessary to add "parts" to a template. I've only seen a couple others that do that from the gazillions I've seen on the web.

Keep up the great work and PLEASE don't stop the tutes!!?? I love them and they really help in learning the ins 'n' outs. I don't design but I play with the templates and your tutorials help sooo much! THANX!

SC said...

Cannot believe there are people like that. Talk about calling the kettle black. How did they become a designer themselves? Right, by learning from people like you. Did they think about "cutting" other designers' businesses? I don't think so, they thought about how to make money themselves. So what, there are thousands of designers, there are millions of scrapbookers, everybody has his/hers own taste. Otherwise, we all would be wearing the same clothes, drive the same cars, have the same interiors...
About your template, that is a good idea. I have been thinking sort of the same thing. Instead of sharing all those elements and papers in a kit, why not have a template, with paper(s) and element(s). And vavoom, there you are :-))
Just like the magicians

Judy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the emails you received. I know you wouldn't choose to share the names of those designers, but if I knew, I sure would never purchase anything from them again. Attitudes like those make me sad! Anyone who is determined enough to be a successful designer will eventually figure out those kit making procedures anyway! The rest of us just really appreciate the quick & easy of having a ready made kit &/or a tut to follow.
Thank you for once again sharing so freely of your time & talent with us. And letting us know about worthy causes!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that you share both your knowledge and designs. Thank you. Loved your response!

Kauanoe said...

You go girl! It is great to see someone in this tiny community with a backbone finally. Leave the haters behind. Your work is beautiful and you are a beautiful person for sharing your knowledge. Thank you for all your hard work.

geezee said...

I am still new and learning. I am fully frustrated that my $450 PSCS software was so confusing and that the hundreds I spent on books didn't shed much light. At least I didn't learn enough to use it. Finally, someone offers some understandable tuts and I may have to miss out due to hatefulness? I hope my money isn't being spent on their merchandise. Maybe I will stop spending entirely. Think that would make a dent in the industry. Same concept: hurt those that may not have any involvement. Thank you for giving me some hope of ever getting some use out of the money I have invested already. Thank you for your support and png versions of elements I can use. Great Idea. I check your Blog regularly. Keep up the good work.

Darleen said...

Oh for Pete's sake. Seems like there's always someone out there that thinks they are so special that they can rip into others. I love your tutorials and they have helped me to understand PS a little more. AND they sure haven't stopped me from buying any of the other designers items that I feel are good enough to buy. Care to share the name or site of the people bothering you, by private email? I could easily stop buying from them. Keep up your good spirit!! I love it!

CC said...

I'm not a designer. And I appreciate your tuts and the templates. Will they keep me from buying from my favorite template designers or buying actions? No way. Some days, I'm lazy and want to get stuff done quickly. Other days, I like to try to do things myself. I'm sure lots of people are like me. So please keep up the good work.

AutumnBrooke said...

lol, so just because we know HOW to do our own designing doesn't mean we're going to actually DO our own designing. Yeah, it's fun to make something that is completely original, but with two kids running around, I hardly have time to make a page with already created papers and elements. :P Who do they think they're kidding saying you're going to ruin it for them? Keep doing what you're doing. There are tons of people who are grateful to you. :P

Shannon said...

Some people (and I use that term loosely) have A LOT of nerve and way too much time on their hands! I think your tutorials are awesome, and I appreciate any "How-Tos" I can get and have been known to share some as well. Keep up the fabulous work!!!
Check out Anfrea Gold's blog and store at GDS as she does templates like what you're talking about... (meant to encourage you).
There's a blog called Scrap Your Art Out where a few designers, *gasp* offer tutorials on how to use and create various scrapbook items in this digital world - so you are not alone. Take that mean people!!!!
Thanks so much for all of your time and effort...we "got your back!" :)

dodo said...

well i for just found this sight last wek and i love it. i think it is awesome that you share so much imfo with us. this type of thing takes a lot of your time and i for 1 really appreciate it. i love the designer template idea and so much appreciate the PNG files because so few people offer that and we DIP users are most often left out. keep up the great work and thanks so very much

Liza in NC said...

There will still be a market for professionally designed items, because not everyone can even afford Photoshop (for instance, myself). Plus there is the time factor. Not everyone has the time to sit and design, and many appreciate the shortcuts they find in purchased items. You keep up the good work and your generosity. Don't listen to those naysayers. :)

scrapmavin said...

I'm a software engineer and this reminds me of the whole open source argument. The whole premise is really crazy and not in the best interest of creativity and science as a whole. Most of the things that have become better in this world are a result of collaborative efforts and good old competition. So to those people who want to complain get over it or get out of the business. And Thank You for sharing and paying forward!

MeganW said...

I appreciate any tips given on how to use PS better! I like being a little big creative, but there's no way I would ever have the time or talent to design like a true designer. Thanks for sharing your tips!

snowraven's cave said...

Hi,Just been reading your blog and all the comments and thought I add my bit as well. I am a designer who also offers tutorials, but for PSP. I don't offer them on my blog, but for free in our little forum at KST. I have to say, I totally agree with you !!! I design and sell my kits and designer resources, but I'm not doing this to get rich. I design because I love being creative, if I can make a little bit of money, than that's a bonus which goes towards a drawing tablet I'm saving for.
But I also give a lot of freebies on my blog. The reason I do the tutorials is that I want to encourage everybody to give designing a try. In the 9 months I have been designing now,I regularly had comments like" I wish I could do that" , so I decided to give everybody the opportunity. Am I scared that my kits are not being bought? No-I'm not.There are thousands of freebies out there,why are these designers not worried about them?
A few tutorials will hardly make a difference. And there are people out there who cannot afford to buy everything all the time.Which is why I offer my designer tools and resources still for free on The Ephemeral Victorian Resource blog.
I'm sure that blog is heavily frowned about as well by some,lol.
I've been here on your blog the first time today, and it's great! Carry on, the amount of comments before me already prooves that the ones against it are just a minority.Wishing all the best-Hugs Snowraven

Natasha said...

You have got to be kidding me?!? The insecurity of some people. I love your freebies and tutorials. They are excellent tools to have to use WITH the designer kits I buy. I love being able to learn more about how to use PSE since I'm still trying to figure out the program. Keep up the good work and know that you are appricated. Thanks for sharing!

No Reimer Reason said...

I just have to say that I really appreciate when designers I admire post tutorials on how to do things. Or when they post a lot of great freebies. I find myself purchasing items in their store just to support them because I appreciate all the freebies and support that they give their readers.

Also, I LOVE your idea for the designer templates. I think it is fabulous and such a great way to help inspire scrappers who are stuck in a rut without new layout ideas (me right now) and also help them to learn how to think outside the box when making new layouts.

So keep up what you are doing! I appreciate it and I am sure many others do as well.

jjstar said...

You go girl!! I'm so happy that you are standing up for yourself. The other designers need to realize that anyone that WANTS to find information can get it lots of different places on the internet. There are so many people out there that don't WANT to take the time to figure it out and will always continue to purchase the premade items.

Love the designing template idea!

shawnyrvr said...

I just found you recently myself too... and I just have to say that I subscribe to almost 400 blogs between between digi, paper, & photography... and NOW!!!! I KNOW why the tuts stopped about 2 years back. I've been digi (well and paper scrap too) for almost 3 years... and the first year everyone was so nice... It was so new and everyone shared information on how to do something... and now I have 3 places I can really get some help when it comes to tuts on how to do that... Even when you ask sometimes you get a very vaque answer... in no way near as detailed as yours!!! and it's almost useless cause it takes me 2 hours to do something that should take 5 minutes. I'm not a professional I NEVER will be NEVER want to be. I will ALWAYS buy or download freebies from somewhere... but I like knowing how to do stuff on my own, too. When I do find an AWESOME tut now I PRINT that sucker out cause it may not be there tomorrow... reading about your experience I may understand this better now.

I think you have an AWESOME spirit about this... and I hope they don't take it from you!!! What you are doing will not change the industry... That's like saying a Paper SB Company teaches scrapbookers how to make paper from scratch... and they'd all go make their own. That's just a bunch of bunk!!! Not everyone has the time to do it or can afford the equipment or has the creativeness to design the first original...


Thanks for the template. In my long time around I have seen a few templates out there like you mention but not many... and I don't think it would take away or defeat the purpose like one girl said. I think it's an individual preference... to each his own. I personally don't mind the easy way out. I barely have time to scrap my photos, so the less I have to do and am taught to use the fancy templates and color them or correct shadows or whatever. The happier little lazy bum I am. lol

I know I've barely got to know you the last few days, but I think your wonderful. I added you to my BlogLines subs and that says a lot, cause I'm picky about my reading time. And I've deleted tons lately because although they're scrapping blogs... there's nothing in them for me... no inspiration, no tutorials, no really GOOD sales, no freebies... only personal stuff... which I like to know about someone but if I don't get anything back what's the purpose... lol... You have to atleast let the people that visit you know you know they're there... kwim? and that they're there for a reason... TUTs are a GOOD reason!!!

Sorry So Long!


dmarie1975 said...

You go girl! I like seeing your tuts, I haven't used any of them b/c I'm a newbie when it comes to PSE. But I subscribe to your blog and I've definately got you bookmarked to come back to when I want to play around with creating something. Do I have any intention EVER of becoming a designer? No way! I don't have the time or the desire. I work about 60 hours a week so even my time for scrapping is limited. But it's nice to learn how to make a few add ons here and there to the kits that I purchase. Thank you for your template, I love it!

Sharon Kay said...

You GO Girl! When you get those kind of the "I Don't Care" key..."DELETE"....then read on to all the other comments that thank you so much for helping EDUCATE the digi community!

I cannot draw (so I'll prob never be a designer)...but I'd love to learn more about CS3 and to become a better digital scrapper! Sometimes you just can't FIND what you are looking for...would be nice to make things to get me "by" and get the pages done for my children.

I know of quite a few places that provide TUTs so apparently you happened upon a few very insecure people in the comments.

I make simple templates and give them out...there's a new digi scrapper born every day (or more than one...haven't seen the statistics) I know they really appreciate any help they can get to get started.

I love your idea for the new templates and support you 100%! I'm still buying kits...and I don't think it has decreased my buying one little bit. You go girl!

Thank you!

MiKiko said...

Your tutorials are great, really helpful. Love your new template, is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorials!

Tink said...

This is an excellent template. Thank you. I really like having some of the elements available in the event I can't find something that works.

As for the designers who are dissing you, they really do need to get a life. As far as I can tell your tutorials do not in any way interfer with sales of products, but actually make purchasing them that more appetising. Just about all TOU's I read state that the elements and papers can be recolored or altered to fit with the scrapper's pages. So by showing us how this can be accomplished, in my mind, makes buying so much more pleasurable. Don't they realize how frustrating it can be to buy a kit, etc., that we think will match perfectly then find out it is just a tad off. Having the resources available to be able to fix it and know how to do it... That is priceless and will promote more people into buying said kits.

Okay, now that I have written a book on the subject, I will let you get back to writing more tutorials. ;)

Rachel said...

K, I love your idea!! People have to much time on their hands and feel it their duty to *itch and moan! You will never bring this industry down as long as there are people around that would much rather get their stuff already done rather than have to design it themselves, like me LOL. However I do love the tut! Anyway to heck with them, keep doin what your doin!

babydoe said...

I, for one, love getting tutorials on how do certain things. Believe me, I don't think I am ever going to be a designer (I'm too lazy for that!) I liken these tutorials-like your recoloring elements, to learning how to check your own oil or putting air in your tires in your car. They are great things to know about your car but don't make you a mechanic for pete's sake!! 'Nuff said.

--bianca said...

I think that the so-called designers whose buttons you just pushed are of a growing breed who just buy commercial use items and recolor them, thereby making really (forgive me) boring kits. In my opinion, design is far more than "techniques". It's ideas, style, and creativity. It's taking those techniques in directions that are really you--and if others like that direction, maybe you could sell some.

I'd be willing to bet I've never bought anything from the designers you heard from, because the designers I frequent would not be threatened by someone learning to recolor.

The designer template idea is a good one--I've seen a couple of designers do this occasionally. Anita Steriglou is one, and Gina Miller has also done a few. So you'd be in good company :)

Take care and thanks for the goodies in advance because 4-shared is being grumpy today.

Anonymous said...

Well, I could write a book re the emails you received, but I'll sum it up in this: Designers need to constantly be creative and on the edge - that's what separates the great ones from the amateurs from us lowly scrappers. If someone is concerned about me learning how to do a realistic looking paper tear, then I'm probably not buying their kits anyway. And, Misty Cato does some great tuts on her blog, so you're not the one and only.

Now, onto the Designer Templates - I actually look for templates vs. "sketches." Even as freebies. Sketches, to me, are placement of papers, photos and suggested elements. Templates have extras- like stitches, staples or tape for attachments and frames and/or cool realistic drop shadows for the photos/clusters (slightly curled in different directions - something I have yet to learn how to do in PSE5), or a little bling element. Britt-ish designs does these sometimes as does Mrs. Wresh and they always jump out at me as something to grab/buy. When I was first getting started, I actually thought the "stitches" on a sketch were real until I printed the layout and was pretty disappointed (lesson learned - zoom in!).

Thank you for this great Designer Template!! It jumped out at me from Ikea Goddess' blog from all the others!

Anne said...

You are awesome - stick to your guns, do what makes you happy and we appreciate it!

Myxi said...

I've been struggling with my PSCS2 ever since I got it. I use it to open up psd templates that PSP complains to me about. I WANNA do more with it than that, and your tuts offer me that chance, and I thank you for it.
I also like the template with elements idea. I saw someone say above that having a template with papers and elements will give you more versatility with layouts. You can use them again and again, in a different way. That is awesome.
I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on CS2 classes, or even for a lot of scrap items, so any lil morsel you wanna drop on your blog is perfectly fine with me. Thank you for everything! :)

me2 said...

Well, there is nothing like a bit of unfair criticism to bring even the lurkers out of the woodwork LOL! My 2 cents worth? For me, there is rarely a kit that has exactly precisely what I want - no matter how lovely - but I am also fanatical about colour matching. To be able to add another piece in the colour that I want because you have shown me how - please tell me how that is going to harm the industry? I'm one of those who is just not creative enough to start from scratch - so I will always be in the market for other's kits. And yes - I too paid to join a site for tutorials to learn how to 'make my own' - the less said about that the better. I found digital scrapbooking in the very early days when the scrapbook industry still rubbished it. Everyone was so helful to one another then - it has changed a lot now. I can sum up what we should all be saying about your gifts to the community in two words - "Thank You"

Anonymous said...

I love your idea for designer templates and your tutorials are very helpful. Sometimes, none of the kits or products I have work with my pictures and I want to make my own. That certainly isn't going to stop me from buying stuff from designers so keep on doing what your doing and don't worry about a few negative people. Thanks.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Go Girl!! I am a designer and I dont feel at all threatened by your tuts, in fact they make great reading. Any scrapper can buy items that are for commercial use from many stores and use them. So what's the problem? Your readers are right, people want to know these technics so they can scrap better...don't we all!! Lol! If they become designers either for themselves or others they would have done it anyway.
Knowledge is to share and the knowledge you are sharing does not pose any additional threat that I can see to existing designers.The internet is full of information such as this, you have just put it in one place. If our stuff is good and different then people will buy it....if not...they won't. (Could be I need to rethink my!) We need to make our work have show our own unique ideas and signatures, not a basic that is churned out on mass. If we do this then I am sure people will buy.
It's a big market, a tough I am finding out, and sadly only the best do well. But thats so in every walk of life!!!
I am sure that most designers dont view your tuts as a threat, just a minority. Most of us are keen to pass on info and share, look at KimB and Hummies World to name but a few.
Hope I dont go on a blacklist for this one!! Lol!

Karen said...

Shauna, I just found your blog today, thanks to the DigiFree search engine. I am appalled that anyone would tell you to stop doing something useful! I'm glad I found your blog. It's in the Google Reader list now. I hope you keep doing what you're doing as long as you are able. Thanks for the freebies and ideas on how to use them more than once or twice.