Friday, February 15, 2008

2.16.08 Grateful - 2nd Set of Papers

I'm so happy that so many of you not only accept the changes that I'm making to my blog, but wholeheartedly embrace them!

Also, I spent some time online last night with a blog reader helping her work through some "template issues"! LOL (Hi Donna!!)  But it made me think, despite my tutorials, there are many of us (myself included) that don't follow written directions as well as seeing pictures, or being able to ask one-on-one questions when you're stuck.  I'd like to say that I'm always available for your questions, but frankly I think I'd be overwhelmed if you all had questions about my tuts!!

So I'm thinking of offering INEXPENSIVE (I'd like to keep classes around 10-15 dollars each), well-put-together classes presented not just as classes, but as projects! So at the end of the class, you wouldn't have just learned things, but you'd have a completed project as well!

The lessons would have to be in photoshop or photoshop elements. But for those who are interested in taking the class but don't have either program, I'd provide a link for a free trial download of either program.

For the class, I would provide all the necessary files (design elements/kits, fonts, step by step tutorials in .pdf format, screenshots etc.) available for download in a password protected area. Each class would have access to a group forum (such as Yahoo) where we can all exchange questions, files, emails and tips for one another.

Here were some of the ideas that I had for classes:

Intro to digi scrapping
Creating and using overlays
Fun with fonts (creating word-art)
Quick Pages & Brag Books (learning to create and share your own as well as completing pre-
   designed projects)
Designing your own elements & papers (that will really tick 'em off won't it! he he he)

etc. etc. etc.

So what do you think?  I think it would be a blast really, I think it would be so much fun for there to be an open forum where you guys could get to know one another and swap layouts etc as well!

So tell me what you think!  If you are serious about wanting to do this please let me know so I can get a good gauge of numbers (I would want to keep classes relatively small so that it's more fun).  If there is serious interest, I'll start planning a class or two together and see what we come up with!

Much aloha!


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Fani said...

First here too!!! I'm not stalking you or anything, just happened to be looking! THanks, these are great! I'm interested in the fun with fonts!

Sharon from Texas said...


I would be interested in taking the classes...all of them. Pick a day...I'll be there.


Jody said...

I really would like to take the classes. Your tutorials have been great. If it costs 10 or 15 dollars for one class though, I don't think I would be able to participate in too many unfortunately. Two that appeal to me would be Creating and using Overlays and Fun with Fonts. QPs and Designing elements also appeal to me but I just wouldn't be able to do them all.

Jennifer said...

I would love classes! I'd be itnerested in a class on recoloring, designing elements & papers, maybe an advanced scrapping class(cutouts, basic photoediting, etc), and more!

You rock!

Jessica said...

It would depend on the cost but the first priority would be you getting enough of a return to make it worth your precious time!! So make sure you think that one through - worry about yourself first and your customers second. Better to offer less at a premium than more, cheaply, at the expense of your peace! =) You already provide so much talent and goodness to others!

I think it's great that you are reorganizing your life to suit the needs of your family, especially in response to this new discovery of your son's make up. I want you to know how valiant that is and to see that this diagnosis (I like the definition 'discovery' better!) is not a disability but rather a refining of who he is! You know, I count myself blessed to have such insight on how I 'tick' as someone with an attention deficit. And I wouldn't trade it for anything - downsides and all!

Thanks for continuing to gift us your talent!! You are such a selfless soul and your family is blessed to have a bright spirit to nurture them!

Rarole said...

Shauna, I would LOVE these classes - but have to pass just now. We live overseas (BIG time difference) but are even now, packing for our return to the states. I will certainly be in touch when we finally get settled. You have great gifts and I would love to sit under your guidance and learn. Thank you for these pretty papers.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Thanks for the great papers. Class sounds interesting just not sure how much disposable time I have. (Smile)

Crystal said...

I've been away from your blog for a few days...WOW!! So much to catch up on. First of all, I support you 110%. I think you do such a wonderful job here, even if you only offered a weekly freebie, I'd still be here!

I would be very interested in the Word Art class. Sometimes you just can't find exactly what you need for a page, so that would be so cool to be able to create your own if need be!

Agagin, thanks so much for all you do here!

LilSeed said...

I would totally take some classes from you! Of most interest to me would be overlays, quick pages, and designing your own. The price of $10-15 is very reasonable.

Sue said...

I would love to take classes from you and that cost is very reasonable. :-)

FitzForLife said...

I would also love to do these classes. I would do all of them but the intro to digi scrapping. I hope you do offer these classes. I want to be the first on the list. Thanks for all the wonderful freebies too

Anonymous said...

classes would be great! and the price sounds good to me.


ginnie said...

Shauna, Great idea. More and more designers, stores and blogs are selling their knowledge (for much higher prices that alot of us cannot afford) and it appears you have a great following that would support you well. I placed an order from your store and left you a note that said I am buying but have never digi scrapped a thing in my life, just wanted to support you for all the free things you share with us blog readers. I save your tuts but I don't use them because I don't have a clue what you are talking about not having scrapped before. YES!!! Please start a beginner class....I'll be there. Thank you

Mommy Motivation said...

Hi Shauna, I love the idea of digi classes - my fav part of that would be SMALL forums so that I could get to know others' work. The forums out there now seem to be so big, that I can't keep up with whose lo's I like, and how they did them, and where the materials are from, etc! It would be great to get to know a group of scrappers that I could keep up with! :)
And also - it is exciting to see your little designs turning into a real business - good for you!!! (and of course, it will be more time consuming - how great is that?)
Take care,
cathy, blogger at Mommy Motivation

Bec said...

I understand 10-15 dollars for one class but considering how many free tutorials there are out there I don't know many I would join in on. I normally use MS DIP and am trying to get more familiar with Paint Shop Pro X2 right now and am not sure how much is compatible with PS Elements. Considering the programs are a bit pricey at about $100 each it wouldn't take long to reach the $100 mark with 10-15 dollars at a time. If I signed up I would be most interested in Creating and using Overlays and Fun with Fonts. I do love the idea of a small forum to get to know everyone though.

scrappinmint said...

I'm with mommy motivation, I would love to be able to belong to a small group and be able to get more involved in digital scrap than I am. I would so love to take a designing your own elements & papers class if you offer it! That would be fantastic and I promise I'm too lazy to creat all my own papers and elements so no worry of making the whole digi trade go under. ;)
I've really enjoyed your blog and all your great freebies. Just want to say thank you again!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing these papers! Love them!

Trisha said...

Thank you for the beautiful papers Shauna!