Thursday, February 14, 2008

2.14.08 - Happy Valentines Day!

it was a long day at the doctor's office, running errands, an FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting for my husband's company - I took the day and spent it with my ds, Ethan...all in all a pretty good day.

It has ended with me finding my email inbox FULL of well wishes, wonderful advice and emails of support! Thank you ladies!

I'm exhausted and heading to bed, but after getting the kids off to school tomorrow I'm going to make it a priority to make something great for everyone to post on Friday - please come back and check it out!!

Much love,


p.s. thanks again ladies... really made a difference in my day today!!


LilSeed said...

Dear Shauna, I first met you in one of Renee Pearson's BPS classes and from there found my way to your blog - and your freebies. I haven't posted previously, but wanted to let you know how much your blog inspires me! I love your freebies and your blog also led me to Digital Candy where I am now participating in their current contest.

I want to wish you all the best with the move. I know I hate moving and a huge move like the one you are embarking on would make me want to curl up in a ball for a bit! :)

Take the time you need to get your stuff in order and don't worry too much about the blog and freebies - while we all love them we certainly don't begrudge you for taking some time to do what you need to do! In the meantime I hope visitors to the blog are heading over to your DC store - lots of great stuff there!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ms. Kari said...

Have an absolutely wonderful Valentine's Day. Focus on your loved ones!!! Much love your way!!!

Nancy said...

Shauna, so sorry to read about all you have going on right now. When it rains, it pours! I'm sure, with treatment, your son will be fine. There is no use wasting time feeling guilty...just move forward and seek out the best treatment for Ethan. My two children are grown now, and believe me, I look back and have many regrets. But I also know I can't change the past and can only live in the here and now. Many hugs to you and to Ethan!! And, oh, by the way, you certainly don't have to make your readers a priority right now!! Focus on yourself and your family and we WILL understand! More hugs to you and wishing you a fabulous Valentine's Day!!

Fani said...

I'm sure you are a great mom! Our children are perfect in our own eyes and it's hard to see anything but that (as it should be!). He will grow up to be a fine man having such attentive parents. If you tackle AD/HD the way you tackle everything else, he hasn't got a chance except to turn out great! You take care of you and yours, we'll be here when you get back. In the mean time, we'll still keep reading and responding!!! xo

Sharon from Texas said...


I know you are unhappy with yourself for feeling that you missed something in recognizing Ethan's disorder. As a teacher, I found that parents really don't see the same things that teachers see in the classroom. When the kids are home, they are pretty much doing things they like (tv, soccer, etc) on a more flexible schedule, and they can stay focused (because it is probably something they really want to do). It is when they have to concentrate over a longer period of time that the symptoms show.

Don't worry about him. Many, many people have ADHD and become our executives of the world! They are the ones who flit from ideas to ideas until they find one that works and is unique. Studies have been done that show that many "top dogs" have some AD/HD tendencies. Maybe WE should have it...and get more done!

Enjoy time with Ethan and the other kids (and hubby). Things will work out...and your faithful scrappers will be here waiting with baited breath for your next inspiration!

Have a great Valentine's Day!