Saturday, February 2, 2008

2.2.08 Butterfly Garden Brag Book Page 10

So here's page 10 of the brag book - only two days left and then the whole book will be available at Digital Candy for you to purchase and to support a great cause!! Of course that means that I'll have to start coming up with some more ideas for freebies for you.... yikes! Cari needs to leave soon so that I can get back to work! LOL

Speaking of Cari, we headed up to one of my very favorite "tourist attractions" on Oahu, the Polynesian Culture Center. It is set up sort of like Epcot Center in that there is a little village for several of the Polynesian Islands like Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti etc. At each village they have cultural displays, shows and local activities. Then they have the best Luau show on the island at night. It's great! Here's a picture of Ethan in his Aotearoan (New Zealand) facial tattoos with the Samoan fire performer. Ethan, while a crazy guy isn't being a weirdo in this picture...LOL... he's imitating the Aotearoa men while in "war paint"... they stick out their tongues and make large facial expressions to intimidate their opponents... quite intimidating isn't he? LOL

Make this a "must see" if you ever get a chance to spend some time on Oahu!

See you tomorrow!!

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Karen said...

What a beautiful quote on today's freebie.

fani said...

Thank you again. I love the quote. I've had some time to laugh with the gals the past few days and it feels GOOD!

Judy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Brag Book---it's beauitful. And almost as much, I love reading about your life in Hawaii. I've visited several times & consider those trips some of my most treasured. I look forward to reading your blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great page. Laughter really IS the best medicine.