Friday, February 15, 2008

12.15.08 - GRATEFUL! & Some Changes

Ok! I continue to start each blog post with thank you's for your words, support, advice and overall warm is no different! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope I didn't mislead some of you into thinking that I wasn't going to post freebies anymore! That's not the case at all, but I have decided to make a few changes to leave me a bit more time for home, friends and family, especially before this big move in a few months.

So, I'll either be posting "smaller" freebies like a nice element or two, OR I'll continue with kits, but I'll post the papers one day, elements the next, alphabet the third etc. OR I'll post a tutorial AS the freebie (perhaps with an item or two to be used with the tutorial if it needs it.)

Then, I will leave the links for the freebies available for a specific period of time from the date of posting ( a few days as a rule, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, but I will always let you know) and then, if appropriate, I'll move the "freebies" to my store at digital candy. This was my compromise to my dh who would like me to be (and I quote) "better compensated for my time" LOL! Whatever... for you my faithful readers who visit my blog on a regular basis it actually might be better, as the kits will STILL be free and they'll probably be even bigger so that I can move them as full kits to the store!

Also, I've made the decision with my dh that perhaps EVERY day freebies are bit too much right now, but CERTAINLY more days a week than not is my plan!

Lastly, I also want to post my freebies a bit earlier each day so that it's posted and taken care of before the busiest time of my day starts (dinner, bath, homework, bedtime stories etc.!) It will still be late for most of you however with the time difference, but I just thought I'd mention it!

In the spirit of my new rules, here is today's freebie! It's the start of a mini kit that I am calling "Grateful" as in how grateful I feel to have such wonderful people in my little blogging life!


This post has been edited to remove the active link. 

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p.s. I AM so grateful for you all!


Fani said...

Hey! I get to comment first! Rock on! I'm glad you are slowing down a bit. Yeah, right! Switching gears more like it. Your plan sounds great. I enjoy reading your blog as much as the freebies. I've learned tons from your tutorials already. Thanks to your husband for the freebies too (sacrificing time with you)! Blessings to ya!

Jody said...

So happy to read your blog this morning and know that you are moving on. Your new plan sounds super to me and believe me I am "grateful". Grateful that you will continue to lavish us with your talent and most important that the tutorials will continue.

Your tutorials have meant the world to me. The last two or three have opened up so many doors as to what I actually can do with Photoshop. Having tutorials that deal with scrapping are wonderful, and for that I am "grateful".

I am also "grateful" that your hubby gives his blessing to your sharing time with us. Blesings to you all.

LindaJD said...

Hi Shauna, good for you, you need to make time for you, so it's good that you are taking things a little easier now, you have given so much already as I can see through looking through your blog so you deserve to wind down a little..
Thanks for the lovely papers, I am so "Grateful" to you for them :)

Bec said...

You definitely should put your family first. I find I enjoy reading short little posts on blogs as much as other posts. It is a fun extra to see the tutorials and freebies. You need to do what works best for you. Thank you for sharing your time to brighten my day.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

I also wanted to say how grateful I am for your generosity. Right now our financial picture is pretty lousy but with your great gifts I can continue to learn and work on my scrapbooking. This really helps me not to get to depressed about stuff. Thank you again so much.

jjstar said...

I love the adjustments you're going to make. Your time is so precious and we appreciate all you do!!

KrisG said...

First off, THANK YOU! Gorgeous creation... as USUAL! You really do make the most beautiful kits and "stuff". I agree that the tutes have helped me, mostly because one day when I get big, I want to be a designer. Oh jeez, I am big... where have I been, haha!

Second, I'm glad you hear your taking some "time out" from all you freebies. Not that I don't love them, but I could never understand how you could offer SO MUCH and still have time to live, KWIM? I'll still come every day, you can bet your life on that. I'm new to the scrapping world and you give me so much inspiration to want to do this. THANK YOU!

Natasha said...

As the mother of a special needs pre-teen, a pre-schooler, and a military spouse (navy) who is getting ready to transfer too... I totally get the need to re-direct your energies... and how often you will have to do that. I don't check your blog just to grab the freebie... I enjoy reading your blog. I'm "Grateful" that you are not only sharing your technical knowledge with us but your life and never feel like you are letting us down because you need to focus on the family for a time. This blog and your freebies should be fun and not something you feel obligated to produce.


Denise said...

Thanks so much. I think ANYTHING you do is wonderful, so I am just happy to be here!

Kim said...

Thanks for rocking these freebies!