Monday, February 18, 2008

2.19.08 - New Kit, New Freebie!

It's a good day! Kami and I finished our new kit and it turned out even better than I thought it would!! (see the preview below!) I am so excited to have it put up in the store (hopefully today or tomorrow I'm sure) so go check it out! And as for my dear blogging friends, I'll have a freebie add for the kit just for you guys soon, so keep your eyes out! (not literally, that would be gross! he he he)

As for today's freebie - I've got some worn and shabby buttons! (newbie Pineapple fans, check previous posts for the papers to my "grateful" kit! The links will be gone soon so get them while you can!

Gotta DEAR friend and NOT really "evil" friend/realtor Leslie (she did NOT like the "evil" comment, so I have to suck up a bit :o) ) has me going non-stop getting the house ready as she wants to have it on the market by 1 March! Yikes!
Busy busy busy!

Love you guys!  Enjoy!

This post has been edited to remove the link

Click HERE to check and see if "Swing from a Star" mega kit is available for purchase yet (isn't it FABULOUS!?)

The Papers
First set of Elements!

Second set of Elements!

Swing on a Star! For sale soon!

Admit it... you love it don't you??


Fani said...

hee hee hee... eyes out... you're funny!!! CUTE kit. Hope you get along okay with out your stuff. I know that would be hard. There's so much more to sacrificing for your country than putting a life on the line. So many more 'little' things you have to deal with that no one sees. Thanks for putting up with it all! My family and I appreciate your sacrifices!!!!

LilSeed said...

I whole heartedly admit I love the new kit! I will be stopping by DC as soon as it is available! Best of luck with the house!

ChrissyW said...

oh my GOODNESS!!! you and Kami rocked this boy kit!!! fantastic!

Crystal said...

The new kit is sooooooo lovely! Can't wait to play with it. Good luck getting the house ready!!

jjstar said...

The new kit is awesome!!!!

scrappinmint said...

Ooooh, I'll admit, I love it!! Really love it. The colors and stars are awesome! And yep it's in the store. Next time I can nab some money from my honey I'm getting it. :) Can't wait! I have tons of pics of my 4 boys that this will be perfect for.
Oh, and thanks for the buttons! In my excitement I almost forgot about them. ;)

Adriane said...

Okay, okay. Fine. I LOVE IT!!! I ADMIT!!! I WANT IT!!! Lol. You are a genius. did you know?