Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2.27.08 Grateful Part 9 - Micellaneous

Well ladies, now I've given this awful "bug" to my dd Emily and she's upstairs as sick as I was last week, my poor baby!! We're investing any and all additional funds left over from home repairs, (just bought a new 1K fridge, and spent 2K on fixing up stuff we should have fixed up ages ago! LOL) moving expenses and paying bills into Lysol, antibacterial soap and surgical masks!!! God forbid the rest of them come down with it too!

Today's freebie is a "mish mash" of some elements that didn't quite fit into any of the other categories so I've put them all together for today's download! I only have a few more days left of this kit left (some stitches and a couple of frames I think - oh and some word art) and then we'll be finished with Grateful! Most of the older links are down already, so if you're new to the blog hang in there - I'll be starting something new this weekend or next week!

Movers come tomorrow (Yikes...still not ready) and will be here for 3 days, so my posts will probably be quick ones. Love all your comments and messages on the cbox...keep them coming! I love to take a quick break and read them...makes me smile! Today's password is - ihatemoving - (betcha didn't see that one coming! LOL)

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geezee said...

Good luck with the move. Prayers for health. We are Coast Guard so I sympathise with the moving mentality. We get to do that this summer. From AK to TX. Best wishes

Rarole said...

Shauna! Well, I know you will understand my situation. 25 years living overseas - coming back home. US government requires a "DETAILED" listing of everything we own. ARGHHHH
Imagine going through your place and listing everything - absolutely everything. (even telling us that it is good for customs and insurance does not make it easier). We can't ship liquids, foods, nothing flammable (did you know nail polish was flammable???)
I have been enjoying this grateful kit - I just have to be sure I get it all before they turn off the internet. :o)
Thanks for your great work. Hope you are all feeling better real soon! {{hugs}}

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Here's prayers for everyone's health and smooth packing.

Jane said...

moving -- how awful, and with a sick kid, too. Well, thanks for all you do to brighten my day, and cheers to you and your family. We've moved a bunch of times in the last ten years (corporate, not military, but still pretty awful) and you know, each and every time was a vast improvement for all of us, even though we thought we'd die each time we'd get the word we were leaving the sweetest, loveliest place we'd ever been. The next location is ALWAYS better!! Good luck,

Jane in MA

harleydav said...

thanks for the next part of Grateful. Good luck with the move. Not only are you moving but your leaving Hawaii. boo hoo.