Saturday, February 2, 2008

2.3.08 Butterfly Garden Brag Book Page 11

Only one more day after today and then that's it! The end of the brag book! Don't worry if you missed any pages, you can purchase the whole brag book from Digital Candy sometime later this week. Don't forget, the proceeds from the brag book will go directly to the Fisher House Program and for those of you who purchase it, I plan on giving you a bonus gift! I am going to upload all of the additional files that I created to make this brag book, (new papers, ric rac ribbons, swirls, journaling boxes and tabs...etc) PLUS some bonus Butterfly Garden Items, and anyone who purchases the brag book and then forwards me their receipt from Digital Candy will get the link for them to download the bonus items as a thank you from me!

So - today was Cari's last day on Oahu (boo hoo) and she is safely on her way back to New Jersey to brave the cold, cold weather! But today we went and swam with dolphins at Sea Life Park! Now, many of you have thanked me for my little insights into Hawaii and have asked for me to continue them, which I don't mind doing, but keep in mind that it's just my humble don't blame me if you come here and hate my little spots ok?? LOL! Having said this, if you have been to Sea World on the mainland...please DON'T expect something similar here on Oahu... Sea Life Park is SMALL, a bit run down and will be a GREAT disappointment if you've been to visit Shamu... BUT if you're willing to drop a bit of cash and want some gorgeous surroundings (like mountains and seas) around you, it was a great time today spending about 45 minutes in a pool with an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin named Buster. Here's a photo of my little one, Ethan riding on the belly of the 600 pound dolphin...we all got to give him a kiss and then get a belly ride...great fun!!!

Today's freebie?? Oh Yeah! LOL here's page 11 - enjoy!!



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Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Thank you for this wonderful set.

Fani said...

Swimming with dolphins... what an amazing experience!

isascrap said...

Swimming with dolphins... he's so lucky
i envy him