Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1.30.08 Butterfly Garden Brag Book Page 8

So, no wonderful traditional Hawaiian story to tell you ladies today, Cari and I headed down to Waikiki today to shop and have lunch (still another great day in paradise though! LOL

Here is page 8 of the brag book - as always, thank you for your comments and words of thanks and appreciation...they mean sooo much!!

Heading to bed a bit early tonight, so I'll leave page 7 up until morning...Hawaii time that is...download it while you can!

Aloha and Enjoy!

Newcomers - Please read on regarding this brag book and a really good cause!!

So I've been wanting to give back some, as I've been so blessed since starting this blog, and I can't think of a better charity to donate to than the FISHER HOUSE PROGRAM(Click on name for more info). This worthy foundation supports military families worldwide when they most need it, providing housing to families of wounded soldiers and those with family members who need medical help unavailable to them wherever they are stationed.

Recently, while my DH was serving 15 months in Iraq, a dear friend of ours was nearly killed when a rocket attack hit their FOB (Forward Operating Base) our friend was not expected to live, as the rocket hit so closely to him. Miraculously though, with the quick actions of fellow soldiers and great medical care, he did survive. My dear friend had two small children (under the age of 4) and needed desperately to be near her husband until he recovered enough to be transferred back here to Hawaii. Thanks to Fisher House, she and her boys not only had a place to live, but every time they came home from the hospital, they were greeted with snacks, drinks and meals. "A lifesaver" is what she called the program.

The Fisher House Program offers many other benefits to military families, but this one service touched me dearly. Soooo... in the spirit of giving back I will be offering a Fisher House Brag Book (4x6, 300 dpi, .png file format) made from my popular Butterfly Garden Kit. Each day I will post 1 page as a freebie and the link will only be good for 24 hours. When all of the freebies have been given out, I will offer the brag book for sale at Digital Candy, the proceeds of which (my personal proceeds that is) will be given as a direct donation to the Fisher House Program. In addition, for those of you who may catch all of the pages for free on my blog I will accept donations via PayPal for the Fisher House (simply put FISHER HOUSE DONATION in the subject line of your paypal payment and I will add those funds to any funds raised by the sale of the brag book). If you would prefer to simply donate directly to the Fisher House Program, please feel free to do that as well! Simply click HERE for their secure online donation form.

Please note that only 2.5% of your donation goes to administration costs for this foundation, which means that over 97% of what you give goes directly to help a soldier and his or her family members!

AGAIN - the links for each page will only be available for 24 hours beginning at approximately midnight Hawaii Standard Time (5:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) I know that I have many readers from all over the world with different time zones, which is why the link for this this first COVER PAGE for the brag book will be active for 48 hours. This way, everyone will have a chance to read this post and ensure that they come back daily for all the pages.

Remember, if you plan on sharing any of my files, PLEASE simply send a link to my blog so that friends and family members can download the files themselves? This way I have a record of downloads and visitors and they too will have the opportunity to donate!

Please consider donating to this worthy cause and enjoy your brag book!

This post has been edited to remove this link

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Click on the DONATE button to your left to contribute to Pineapple Plantation Designs OR to the Fisher House Program!


Karen said...

This one is very interesting. Still have to decide what project to use this for. Maybe a mother's day gift.

txscrappylou said...

Another beautiful page. Thanks Shauna!

Colleen Chi-Girl said...

Gorgeous Shauna - TY so much!