Friday, January 18, 2008

1.18.08 - Freebie, Challenge, Contest...Big Day!!

Ok - it's late (as usual)and I've been working all night on your freebie (which AGAIN, I'm really liking and think I'll make a full kit - let's see how you guys like it first though...LOL) BUT, I have too much to write! LOL

So, first things first...THE FREEBIE - the kit doesn't have a name yet (just didn't come to me yet, perhaps some suggestions??) but I was inspired by the colors and went from there!

Second - the challenge. Part of my responsibility at Digital Candy is to take a bigger part in the forums and galleries etc. and what I'd really like to do is make a weekly challenge where I give you guys a mini kit and you have to use everything in the kit, adding only small embellishments (stitches, brads etc.) and then you post your layouts in the challenge gallery at DC (I simply do NOT have the time to keep up a gallery of my own, so we'll post them there). PLUS Digital Candy has a great program where the more you post on the site, the more points you get, and once your points reach a certain total you receive a gift certificate to the store! (more on that when I get all the details) So, head's up...I plan on using this mini kit...hint hint hint... come on...won't you play?? (you don't want me to get fired do you??? he he he)

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly PLEASE READ!! there is a HUGE contest going on over at Digital Candy (hereinafter known as DC 'cause it's shorter and faster to type!) called the Masquerade and while I can't take part (sob) YOU guys can, and the winning prize is A MONTH OF FREE DOWNLOADS FROM THE STORE uhhh...yeah...FREE DOWNLOADS FOR A MONTH!... it sounds like a ton of fun click HERE for the official rules, and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for one of my bloggers to win!! There is A HUGE COLLABORATION KIT from all of the designers at DC and the proceeds of the kit will go entirely to the Animal Rescue Foundation ! This is just a HINT of what is in this huge kit!

Please please please in lieu of leaving a comment or a thank you today, just check out the kit for charity and the contest and see if it might interest you?? that would be thanks enough!!

I'll post more about the challenge for today's freebie tomorrow!

Much aloha my friends!


Click HERE to check out the Have a Heart Masquerade Kit

Click HERE to download today's (yet un-named) mini kit!

and... Click HERE if you're really really bored... (no link...just wanted to make you giggle)


Sue said...

Shauna you just crack me up. I love DC and their challenges. I've participated in two so far. :-) I'll be sure to go get the collaboration kit. That's a great cause to donate for. Thanks for another wonderful freebie also.

Heidi@DigitalCandy said...

You had me laughing and I'm barely awake yet! LOL! Great post! :D

ali said...

Hello! Thanks for all the info today. I love the colors in this mini kit. Just wondering what the password is to access the download. It wouldn't download directly. Thanks again!

Malinda, Travis & Kylie said...

Love the colors, but the download only contained jpg paper files. Nothing else. Is this correct?

Fani said...

I just found your site and have been swimming around in it all day! I love your stuff. My brother is stationed in Hawaii with his family. I read your earlier comment about being there for a soldier's wife in need. BLESS YOU for that, they need all the support they can get and then some. Thank you for finding time for all your great designs in the midst of multitasking!!! Blessings, Stefani

Anne of Alamo said...

I didn't click, but the name Spirograph came to me for the Unnamed
Thanks for making me smile

Jessica said...

I'm not bored, you make me laugh! (in a good way ;-))

Jessica said...

Oh! And I meant to add my two cents about the name. =) The words 'clean', 'clear', 'fresh', 'calm', etc. came to mind. The colors are so serene! Maybe 'Crystal Clear'? Fresh Start or Clean Start came to mind, too, but that's used a lot I'm sure. Or 'Clean Cut' - get it, 'Cut', like scrapbooking?? =) LOL Ok, that's cheesy.
Those are my half-witted ideas! =) What ever you call it, I call it GREAT!

Rarole said...

I am with Anne, I looked at this kit and it reminded me of stuff when my kids were little: "Spyr-o Gyro". Super. Thanks again for your gifts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that you've shared! Just an fyi, this mini-kit, once downloaded, still wants a password (at least that is what is happening to me).

Celeste said...

I downloaded the kit the other day and I'm trying to extract it and it's asking for a password...can you help? -
Thanks :)

Marnie ~ Oregon said...

Thanks for the freebie! I love the colors. As for a name the first thing that came to mind for me was "Free Spirit" but in the comments oat 4shared someone said "Spirograph" was what came to their mind - that would fit great too.

Anonymous said...

I am having a problem unzipping also, it wants a password.

Carola said...

Well, I didnt get the link to work either....tried a t least 4 times.
I also tried that bored-giggling

Please could it be possible to have this kit, I love that blue paper