Thursday, January 3, 2008

1.03.08 A Mother's Love Mini Kit

I'm feeling a bit maternal today, what with cuddling on (and unfortunately cleaning up after...) my sick babies (and by babies I mean 15, 13 and 7! LOL) So on a whim I whipped this mini kit out for you. It includes the 4 papers shown, the two tags (made with yesterday's tag templates of course!) a ribbon, a full size version of the quote on the tag and a bonus... the Lullaby Overlay that I used for the dark green paper.

Thank you all for your kind words for my kids and I, my luck (and HUGE doses of vitamen c and my favorite Jamba Juice with an immunity boost) are holding on and I'm not sick yet...cross your fingers for me??

Just a couple of shortucts for today's PS/PSE Tips and Tuts - when you're in your workspace and want to make some quick changes, here are a few of my favorites! M on your keyboard brings up your Marquee Selection Tool, B brings up your Brush Tool, V brings up your Move Tool and E brings up your Eraser Tool! That's it, no alt, no option, no command or ctrl...LOL just the letters! Please note that whatever settings you had last on your tool (magic eraser or a grungy brush etc.) THAT will be what PS brings up, if you want other settings or tools, you'll have to change those as well!

Keep your requests coming... I love to hear what you all are looking for, it inspires me!! Also please keep your layouts coming as well, I love to see them!

Aloha my friends,


Download the Freebie HERE


Grammadiane said...

What a Wonderful Mini kit...Thank You Dear....It's Beautiful....

Chi-girl said...

Love it Shauna! And thank you sooooo much for quick key tips - they're easy to remember too! xo Colleen

olga9999 said...

Very beautiful kit, thanks so much for sharing it. :)

Best wishes. :O)

shawnyrvr said...

Beautiful!!! I'm especially liking the pre-made tag with the quote.