Friday, January 18, 2008

1.18.08 - Sorry...once again!! LOL

I seem to be "challenged" when it comes to zipping and uploading my files here lately ladies! I have corrected the zip problem and edited the file with 4Shared... (no hate mail PLEASE? LOL)

Please forgive and download the mini kit again (link at the bottom of the original post)!



Jessica said...

I just dl'd it and it worked fine for me, girl! Thanks again!!

Kim said...

hi I tried it and it asked for a password when I tried to unzip it... is this right?
thanks for sharing with us!

ali said...

Darn it! I swear I must be a ding dong. Sorry, it still asks me for a password. Am I doing it wrong?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I tried the new link and still no luck with opening.

Ah well.

Thanks anyway Shauna.