Monday, January 7, 2008

1.07.08 Lumberjack Plaid Mini Kit + Plaid Pattern & CONTEST!

Well today I had a request from a reader for teaching her how to re-color or re-create plaid patterns and paper. As I sat down to write out a tutorial for her (I'm still working on it Tami - it's coming I promise!) I ended up creating a plaid that SO reminded me of my little boy (not that he would be caught dead in plaid - I can hear him now... "so not cool mom") but it's boyish and rough and it made me think, just like clothes in the stores, there is NOT enough stuff out there for little boys (in the scrapbooking world I mean...) so, I made a mini kit that can be used for some of your boy (and tomboy) layouts.

I included a tag and index card with plaid elements as well as a couple of grungy little boy .png stamps, I wanted to make some papers with them, but ran out of time. I also included a little file that you can use to recreate this plaid yourself (non-grunge...LOL). If you need help defining or using this pattern in PS or PSE check out my tutorial that you can find HERE It's a .jpg file so other programs may be able to use it as well, not sure...

I'd like to start a new little "thing" on my blog with contests/challenges. I'm not sure yet just how big it will get (I'd love for it to be HUGE! lol) and I'm creating a gallery for those who use my freebies (and stuff from Digital Candy soon!) I think that I'll start out with this:

Complete a layout using my Lumberjack Plaid Mini Kit (as well as whatever else you'd like to use) and send me either the layout, or a link to your layout that I can download, copy and paste or link to my gallery, along with your email and name, and I will choose a favorite by next Sunday night. The winner will be posted on my blog Monday morning and as a thank you gift from me, get a Mini Kit designed just for you (you choose the theme, etc.). Maybe if it catches on I'll make it a regular thing! Don't forget, I'll also be looking for a creative team VERY shortly, so please send the layouts?? LOL Ok, so have the layouts to me by Saturday at midnight my time (I'm 5 hours behind EST) ... I'm SO excited!!

p.s. a special gift to the first 5 layouts that are submitted!!!

Can't wait to see your stuff ladies!!

Aloha -


Download the Mini Kit HERE


Barbara said...

yay -this is going to be fun, I can't wait to do a LO and send it over to you - :) I know exactly what I want to do -Thanks Shauna

Tami said...

Shauna! Thank you heaps and gobs! I don't know what to say...

malily said...

Thanks a lot for sharing !!

Suzette said...

I just found your blog and wanted to thank you for this mini kit. I'll try to get a page made for you soon.

Suzette said...

I was inspired once I unzipped the file. What a great kit! Here's my page:

shawnyrvr said...

I'm loving that grouping of circles pattern you shared in this one!
Thanks so much!!!