Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1.16.08 Butterfly Garden Mini Kit

I want to first THANK all of you who took the time to wish my little one a happy birthday...I have to tell you that when Ethan got home from school we sat down and read all of the comments, emails and messages that people from literally all over the world sent him and he absolutely beamed!!

My first instinct was to try and take a picture of him sitting with my laptop reading the comments so that I could scrapbook the moment and to post the picture here, but I held back. Too many times in life I find myself absolutely stressing about "getting the shot" and taking the picture, only to find that somehow, while I managed to document the moment for eternity...I have also managed to not really be in the moment and experience it myself - right then, right there. And although it sounds corny, it really meant SO much to Ethan that everyone wished him a happy birthday, (so excited in fact that we had to read them all twice!) So in the end, I didn't take the picture with my camera, but I had such a WONDERFUL time sitting there, and soaking up all the love and well wishes for him today, and I so loved being IN the moment, and not worrying about capturing the moment anywhere other than in my heart. Thank you all SO very much!

p.s. on the lighter side, while putting Ethan to bed, we talked about his day and he told his dad about everyone wishing him happy birthday, Ethan's told me, and I quote "mom, everyone at school tomorrow is going to think that I'm a ROCK STAR"! He is my rock star...rock on little man...rock on!

So, today's freebie.... I'm usually not much of a "butterfly" kind of gal, but well, I was messing around with some swirls and these colors and the name "butterfly garden" kept popping up in my here it is! I think that I like it so much that I might just do a full kit for it for Digital Candy... let me know what you think? I know that butterflies tend to be kind of "girly" but the colors and the quote reminded me of Ethan...I think I might try and do a layout with this freebie with some pictures of him and see how it goes...

Enjoy your freebie and thank you thank you thank you again!

Much aloha my friends,


Download Butterfly Garden Mini Kit HERE

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Rarole said...

Shauna, You may not be a "butterfly kinda gal" but this is beautiful. It looks very delicate - very "Butterfly-ish" LOL. Thanks. So glad that Ethan had a great time reading everyone's wishes. ANd you are right - enjoy the moment!! (Then beat yourself up later for not having a picture ROTFL). Thanks again!

Monika said...

I'm a bit behind, but better late than never. Beautiful quickpage, I love the title!
And Ethan, wishing you a very happy Birthday!
Monika from Canada

Heidi@DigitalCandy said...

WOW just WOW! Your butterfly kit is AMAZING! Happy birthday to Ethan!!!

Crystal said...

I'm so in love with this! I just purchased the full kit from DC! Thank you so much!

shawnyrvr said...

Wow!!! I'm on a lucky gift spree. I'm loving your stuff!!! Thanks for you generosity!