Sunday, January 27, 2008

1.28.08 Butterfly Garden Brag Book Page 6

So, back from our weekend in Maui, day three was wonderful, we went on a Pacific Whale Foundation Eco Adventure Tour out to the Island of Lanai - the whales were EVERYWHERE! You could barely turn your head, but for another one in your eyesight! The snorkeling was fantastic, crystal clear blue waters and tons of fish - on the way back to Maui, we encountered two juvenile male humpback whales that swam right up to our boat, then dove and swam right beneath us, came up on the other side of the boat and hung was amazing!! Cari didn't fare so well as the seas were choppy and her New Jersey legs were not "seasoned for the sea" shall we say...she's far less green now that we're back on dry land and in Oahu!! Ladies and Gentlemen, NEVER forget to take your sea sickness medicine before getting on a pacific whale watching tour! LOL it was choppy out there today and MANY of the guests (NOT including myself, thank you) were a bit green around their gills!!

So, on to today's freebie -this is one of my favorite pages thus far... I don't know if it's the colors or the big flowers, not sure but I sure do like it! I hope that I'm making this Brag Book as gender-neutral and age-neutral as possible. It's hard creating something that EVERYONE will be able to use (hopefully) so keep your fingers crossed for me! Any suggestions (as always) are welcome!!

Aloha -


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Fani said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Karen said...

Very beautiful. Thanks

Martina said...

Once again very pretty, thank you, you are such a wonderful soul.

Colleen E said...

Hiya Shauna - How'd I miss this one? I just got home from a parent meeting (after a full school day - whine - whine), and it's almost 10 pm PST. Isn't it good until midnight or am I just off? lol

xo Colleen