Saturday, December 29, 2007

12.29.07 Writers Block Mini Kit - Creative Team?

Ok, it's 3:00 a.m. here in Hawaii, my back is sore from "bowling" with my 7 year old all night on his new Nintendo Wii (a LOT of fun by the way, the whole family bowled for hours!) and I'm exhausted, but desperately trying to get all of my new kits finished for my "grand opening" at Digital Candy. Although...I was distracted enough from my working today to create a new Blog Header!! Do you like it? I SO love the grungy look in my scrapbooking, I thought it should reflect in my header (with some girly swirls of course!) My husband said it was "too dark"... Let me know what you think of it in todays poll would you??

You voted for Mini Kits, and so you shall have one! (didn't vote?? Well then, you can't complain! LOL don't worry, I have a new poll tonight, you can vote THIS time!) I once again have taken a bit from one of my new kits called "Writers Block" (hint... it's part of multi-kit calendar pack - September to be specific!).

It's pretty simple really, 3 papers, one piece of notebook paper, one striped paper and one with some vintage writing on it. The elements I included are a worn leather journal and a fountain pen - I can't wait to see what you do with them!

By the way, I'm not yet sure how it works at Digital Candy, I know that I'll have access to a Creative Team, but I'm not sure if I'll get new people who I choose (my preference) or not, but PLEASE! If you've done some work with my freebies, please email them to me! I'd love to see what you're doing with everything, and I will certainly keep the email addresses of those who inspire me in case I'm allowed to form my own team!! Simply submit WHATEVER you're doing with my freebies, cards, layouts, printables, tags, you name it to... I'd love to post some of them on the blog as well!

My eyes are drooping now, so the PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TRICKS will be a quick one... I LOVE shortcuts and Photoshop has tons of them (you can even create your own, but that's for another One of my favorites is COMMAND>OPTION>Z (for a Mac) or CTRL>ALT>Z (for a PC) to Undo. I know that Elements has a quick button to undo, but Photoshop does not, and frankly I'd rather use my keyboard then scroll around and click with my mouse any day! Unfortunately, I use this shorcut so much that I'm a PRO at it and can use 3 fingers in just a millisecond to undo a mistake!! LOL

Much aloha my friends, and remember you can't be creative if you're afraid to make mistakes, dare to be imperfect and create something beautiful today!


Click HERE to download the mini kit!


fl_connie said...

Can't take the poll - there's not an answer I agree with! I love the design of your blog header, the colors are wonderful, kinda vintage like old fabric, and I love the swirls - they add so much to the design! I like the font style - but I hate that much grunge on the letters. So - I guess I'm a kind of "go easy on the grunge" kind of person, and the header has too much for my taste. However, I recognize that grunge seems to be in, and I'm used to being out! Thanks for the wonderful mini-kit!

Heidi@DigitalCandy said...

I love the header! And yes! You can also put together your own CT :) Can't wait to have you join us! :)

missy said...

I'm excited to hear that you are going to be at Digital Candy! That's a combination I like! I definitely like the header but I keep wondering if you are going to change your name once you move away from HI? Thanks for all your wonderful freebies.

Tink said...

love your new header, grunge and all. Very reflective of Hawaii, I think. Looking forward to reading your hints and tips, although I don't have the newest version of photoshop anymore, LOL. Thank you for all the lovelies. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

Patricia said...

I do like the grunge and the way the font works with it. Would you be willing to share which font it is??

I look forward to your new work and so enjoy your free gifts to all of us. thank you.

Laura said...

Thank you for this great mini kit, although it's hardly mini! I like your header too, what do men know? Have an awesome New Year!

RoseAddict said...

The new header looks like you're expecting a minor storm, and I love that! (Just no major ones!)

Thank you for the new mini-kit. I love old papers, and I think I know just how I'm going to use this. I say think because sometimes I have an idea in mind for a layout, and it ends up turning into something totally different from what I planned! lol

CTRL>ALT>Z is great! I use that a lot. It works in just about any Windows program, and so does CTRL>ALT>Y, for when I decide that I didn't really want to undo after all. I think this is why I -- a very non-artistic person -- have taken so to digi-scrapping: it allows me to make mistakes and very easily fix them. Well, most of the time it's easy.

Happy New Year! They've started with the fireworks all around me, and we've still got 25 hours, 32 minutes left to go!

shawnyrvr said...

LOVVVVE everything about this one!!!! AWESOME!!!