Friday, December 28, 2007

12.28.07 Charm Frames & Ribbons + New Blog Elements!

Hey! I've added a couple of new items to the blog, one is a poll (directly to your left) PLEASE take the time to answer the questions? I really want to spend what little time I have these days creating your freebies on stuff that you REALLY want! So I'll be asking things like, what type of freebies you like (today's question) or what style, if you like multiple items that are different colors or just one...etc. etc. I'm really interested in what you like and want so if you could take just a second I would REALLY appreciate it!!

I've also added a labels list (a bit further down on the left) so that newcomers can spend less time looking for what they like, and more time downloading it! LOL I'm adding labels like "quick pages" "mini kits" etc. to my posts, so just click on what you want and all the posts with those tags will show!

REMOVING LINKS!! Also, I'm getting a bit low on space for my 4shared account, so I will be editing out some of the links and removing them from my space...if there is something you would like, please take some time and download them so you don't miss out!

I'll also be adding a new little "element" to my blog called Photoshop Tips and Tricks! The little tidbits won't be full tutorials, but just quickies like shortcuts or timesavers. Hope you enjoy them!!

Today's freebies are some cute little charm photo frames (or journaling frames, or whatever! LOL) and little ribbons to "hang" them from. I'm actually NOT a vintage, sort of artsy kind of scrapbooker (believe it or not!) but I've been working on an album of my mother's childhood for my grandmother and so I guess I've been in that kind of mood! LOL

The frames are large so that you can resize them as large or as small as you need them: TIP attach the ribbon of your choice to your frame and then either link or merge the layers BEFORE you resize the frame, I've created the ribbons to fit the frames at this size and you'll have some tweeking to do if you size them seperately. The frames and the ribbons are all separate in the file, so you can use one or both separately if you'd like!!

PHOTOSHOP TIPS & TRICKS OF THE DAY: GUIDES! They're a wonderful tool to line things up just as you'd like them to be! Simply have your MOVE tool selected and click JUST to the left, or just on top, of your open file (inside of the ruler if you have them showing) and drag to the right or down. A tiny blue line will appear and land wherever you "drop" it. If you have several words that you want to line up, or perhaps ribbons or frames, just line them up against your guide! If you want to move your guide simply select your move tool then move it over the blue line, your cursor will change to two small lines and two tiny arrows, now click and drag it where you want it! CAUTION! If you save your file, the guides WILL stay, so before you save your item for the final time, simply click VIEW>CLEAR GUIDES and Poof! They're gone! Now you "type A" personalities like me will have everything lined up and "perfect" everytime!!! LOL



Click HERE or on the title to download!


Creatively Obsessed said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! Everything looks great. Thanks for the super Frames!!

Anne of Alamo said...

these are so neat, thank you!!
great survey...but what is your favorite to design????