Tuesday, December 11, 2007

12.12.07 Preppy Kit Papers

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago my 15 year old daughter asks me if she can get a pair of "stirrup pants", she doesn't quite know what they are, but her friends are getting them so obviously... LOL. "stirrup pants" was my reply, "Stirrup pants are coming back in?" At first I was thrilled, ooohhh...comfy pants that I can dress up or down, with an elastic waist"?? My heart beat a bit faster, then it sunk just as quickly as images of women MUCH older than me at the time (probably younger than me now) wearing them back in the 80's, I remember looking at the "dimples" on their rear cheeks and wondering why on earth they would wear something so unflattering....SIGH... so much for comfy pants that I can dress up and down...with an elastic waist to boot... I'm afraid that after 3 children and quite a number of years,I have too many "dimples" for that now.

WHY am I telling you this story? Did you really want an image of me and my "dimples" floating in your head when all you really wanted when you came here were freebies? Probably not, but the event did make me reminisce a bit about high school and the 80's. You remember...you know you do. Collared shirts that you would be forever pulling up around your neck, leg warmers, bangled bracelets...lots of them, Izod shirts and parachute pants?

Ok, so there are none of those things in this kit, it actually has NOTHING to do with the 80's except the colors. The colors remind me of "Preppy" 80's colors and so the name...and the story...and now your mental image of me in stirrup pants... sorry about that. Maybe the Freebie can cheer you up?

Elements and Alphabet tomorrow - hope to see you back!


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Becky Shaw said...

Thank you for your little trip down memory lane, and your admittance that I am not the only one that no longer belongs in stirrup pants! And of course thank you for the beautiful papers! Becky

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

Don't forget about the jelly shoes!

KrisG said...

Thank you soo much! LOVE the colors you used here... but stirrup pants? YUCK!!! At least you didn't grow up in the 70s with elephant pants... just the opposite of what you had, haha. Thank you again. I love your stuff!

mahalo a nui loa said...

Ok, so I remember! Thank you for not choosing the BRIGHT NEON colors, yuck! I remember pinning my jeans so they were tight at the ankle, swell look LOL!