Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12.13.07 Preppy Kit Elements all of you who asked, apparently stirrup pants are on their way back. Although right now they are really just "leggings" where you have to purchase the double clipping "stirrup" seperately ( "Duh Mom" and I quote "did you think they came attached to the pants"? SIGH) But can the traditional "attached" stirrups be far behind? Perhaps I should give up my dream of becoming a digital designer and make my fortune designing the stirrup pants of "today"?

Let's see..they would definately still have an elastic waist and they would still be made of material that was comfy (hello...the only good thing that they had going for them) but the material would somehow (magically perhaps?) suck the wearer in by at least...let's say... 3 sizes, while still remaining comfortable. (That's not asking too much!) and they would hide any and all "dimples" (ok, now perhaps I've gone too far) The stirrup would, while remaining attached (yes, Brittany, they were at one time actually attached, SIGH) so that young wearers would not lose them (no, Brittany, I do not know where the other one of your "clippy things" are that we just purchased yesterday). Yet never become "crunchy" after being worn in shoes all day then thrown in the hamper and left to dry/harden, or become stained after being worn with dirty feet and no socks. They would also NEVER shrink so that they rode up your legs, showing WAY too much of your socks and looking like highwaters or, worse yet, riding up your backside. They would be durable, never pill and they would cost next to nothing to produce so I could make a million and yet sell them inexpensively to the throngs of people lining up to buy them... SIGH...

Ok enough dreaming...back to reality where stirrup pants are actually a bad idea, but nevertheless making a comeback, and where I give you all another new freebie!

Here they are...after rambling on and on about pants I won't drag this out - I've got some tags, some frames, an alphabet, some journaling squares, ribbons, eyelets, gems and word art for you! There are two sets of the word art (one has "bling" already attached to it - have to have a bit of bling) - and some little embroidered buttons. (where if you layer them and add them to the ribbon they make a cute little frame wrap! (example on my layout shown here: (Ethan's One and Only Winter Outfit EVER!)



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Lynne said...

I happened upon your blog & while I love your freebies & appreciate you sharing your hard work, I absolutely needed the laugh that came along with your blog post. Nothing like a good sense of humor to brighten the world.


Anonymous said...

stirrup pants? Love your version! ROTFLOL

Thanks for the freebie.


Cari said...

Hey Girl! Found your blog - and I love you stuff!!! Good for you! I'm excited and happy for you!

Love ya


Cari said...

Hey Girl! I found your blog, and it's great! I'm so happy and excited for you!!

Love ya!

Maria said...


This was picked up by digifree here: