Saturday, December 8, 2007

12.08.07 Mini Holiday Kit with Bag Topper

So, I wanted to just make you all a cute little bag topper, you know... print it out, fold it in half and put it on top of small goodie bag...something simple and quick...LOL How come nothing I do seems to be simple and quick these days!?

At any rate, once I made the papers, the text, the ribbon and the little element to GO on the cute, (quick and simple) bag topper, I figured "well, they might want that stuff too"! So, here it all is, just a "quick, simple" little holiday kit... with 3 papers, a ribbon, some words, a glittery holly element...and your bag topper!

oh yeah... and I threw in the small pattern that I made for the middle paper just for good measure! LOL If you have any problems loading the pattern, (or just am not sure how to do that) PLEASE feel free to email me at and I would be HAPPY to send you a short tutorial - assuming of course that you're on Photoshop or Elements that is! LOL The pattern is a .png file, so anyone can use it...but I only know photoshop! LOL

Enjoy your weekend!


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Ellie said...

Your freebies are SO cute! Thanks for sharing! I lived in Hawaii (not too far from Schofield, actually!) and just moved to Arizona about a year ago! =)