Friday, May 2, 2008

HUGE SALE at Scrap Orchard, and TONS of fun too!! (oh and a FREEBEE! )

TONS of fun stuff going on at the Orchard this weekend, INCLUDING 25% OFF THE WHOLE STORE! AND... special "Farmers Market" where everything (including a couple of FULL kits are only $1.00!!)

So head on over there and check it out! CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY ORCHARD STORE

I also have a NEW KIT OUT! It's called "The Hamptons" What do you think?

The Kit!

The Papers!

The WordArt (By Bethany of Elegant WordArt!)


CLICK HERE to visit the FreeBee Gallery of the Orchard to download your FREE QUICK PAGE! (no need to check out, but you DO need to be registered in the GALLERY to access the TONS of great freebees there!


scrappinmint said...

Great new kit Shauna! I'm headed over to the Orchard now. Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...


Shauna, THE HAMPTON'S totally ROCK and are going on my "must-have" list!!! Just GORGEOUS! I hope to have some time here in the next week or two to GET OUT and about and do a bit of shopping and visit the ORCHARD!!!

Glad to hear y'all are THRIVING - no surprise here!

OMGosh ... I just saw GRANDMA'S LAP!!! Now that is simply PRECIOUS!

Take care and ENJOY the festivities this weekend!

Linda :)

jaye said...

Happy NSD! I LOVE this new kit. Yep on the wish list, must have very soon. I think you've outdone yourself this time and I love all of your stuff.

Beth said...

LOVE the new kit. We honeymooned on Martha's Vineyard so this will be perfect! I already bought it and am in the process of downloading!

Anonymous said...

Shauna - this is a post from the forum at scrap orchard: (by Kami) well there are a few ways you can do it!

you can draw the shape and fill it with a color (black) and then you can clip your paper to it- put the paper layer above the shape layer and hit ctrl-alt-G. i like this way because then you can move your paper around within the shape


you can make a selection of the shape path and "cut" the shape out of the paper- draw the shape then ctrl-click on the path layer (under the paths tab) and you'll get the running lines around the shape. then press ctrl-J and it will copy out the area that was selected on to a new layer.

i'm not sure if any of this makes sense! let me know!
Kami of Ziggle Designs

And, well, um, I'm not smart enough to follow these directions! lol Could you interpret for me (if you haven't posted this kind of tut already)? :)

Daniele said...

You're the best!
What a beautiful kit!
Love from Brazil,