Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grandma's Lap (and another Blog Secret Store Sale!)

So there was such a great response to my last "Super Secret Store Sale" of Fancy Pants, I'm giving you guys first shot at this one too! My new kit is called "Grandma's Lap" (and yes, I'm already working on Grandpa's Lap! LOL) because the gingham and soft patterned papers just gave me that warm cozy feel of grandma's house. My Grandma Blanche and Grandpa Jim are still two of my favorite people in the whole world and this kit is for my Grandma! Love you Grandma!!

Ok...so here's the deal... I've got yet ANOTHER mini kit freebee to go with the kit too! Here it is:

So head on over to my Scrap Orchard store and pick it up for free, and while you're there you can pick up the full kit for 20% off the full price for the next two days only!

Remember, neither the kit, nor the free mini kit are available in the store yet, so if you want to access them you need to do so through these links:

Grandma's Lap Kit - On sale for 2 days only for 20% off (no coupon needed, the price IS the sale price for now)

Grandma's Lap - Free Mini Kit (*Sorry! This Link Has Expired!*) also available for free only for the next two days (after the two days, the mini kit will continue to be free, but ONLY with the purchase of the kit! so get it now if you can!)

And here is a quick layout I did of DD sleeping with my Kea using GRANDMA'S LAP! (it's my submission for Bethany's Word Art Challenge! Like the word art? Download it here for free and join in on the fun!

(gosh darn it... still no room for my lizard story.... OR the new story about me sleeping...WITH COCKROACHES! ewwww yuck yuck yuck....) Hmmm... maybe tomorrow! LOLOL!!


scrappinmint said...

Love the gingham! Aren't things that remind us of Grandmas the best! Thanks for the mini. :)
OMGosh, as soon as I read the word cockroaches it made me shudder. Ewwwwww!!!!

Treasured Reflections said...

You've been awarded.

Check out my blog

jaye said...

YOu crack me up! Popped air mattresses, seals, lizards, cockroaches.........what is next my dear girl? I can only imagine the adventures you'll find once you hit Jersey. Have they been warned you're coming? LOL

Kit looks beautiful.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

Gee what kind of fun will you find in Jersey. Sleeping cockroaches big ucky if they are anything like the Florida variety.

Tami said...

Thanks so much for the mini kit! It's beautiful!

CCC said...

Thank you for the mini kit! :)