Monday, April 28, 2008

And the winner is....


Megs and I agreed to let our little boys pick the winning numbers and this was Ethan's pic! Congrats Jen! (and by the way.... I LOVE what you did with the flowers and "bling" on this page! GORGEOUS!) PM me with your email address Jen and I'll send you my coupon code as well as Megs'! Congrats!!

I also wanted to spotlight a few of my favorite entries as well! Thanks to all who took the time to post in my gallery... these were FUN layouts!

By: Jaye (LOVIN' your "comfy" pants Jaye!)

By: Inspirecj (SERIOUSLY "fancy" pants there girl! LOL)

By: Jan1367 (HYSTERICAL that those boxer shorts are in the WINDOW! LOL)

BY: Krash (one of my favorites and Megs' Winner!) Congrats Krash!

Ok...another night of putting off my new "Lizard Story" LOL, but seriously... I HAD to post the winner... I was ALREADY a day late! LOL Maybe tomorrow!


TheKyRainbow said...

LOL...girl you LOVE keeping us in suspense don't ya? Awesome layouts and congrats to Jen!

scrappinmint said...

Great LO! I bet it was hard to pick the winners. Ethan did a great job choosing. Can't wait for the lizard story. Your stories are the best Shauna. I think the seal story was my favorite.
Have a good night.

jaye said...

Good pick Ethan. Both winner's did great jobs. It was a fun challenge to participate in.
FYI, I have pink SpongeBob pants too, LOL. I feel like a winner too, imagine my shock and pride at seeing my layout posted on your blog Shauna, wow! That made my day. Thank you.