Thursday, April 3, 2008

Scrap Orchard Day # 3 You're a Peach!

I LOVE Mini Kit Challenges! You get a FreeBee and we get to enjoy looking at what you do with our stuff! We have FOUR days of these coming up ladies and this is our first! Kami created this little mini kit for you all and you can either head on over to our Scrap Orchard Blog for the "full on (quite cheeky, if I do say so myself) blog post for today OR you can simply read the following rules for the challenge (because you ARE all going to COMPLETE the challenge with the FreeBee right??? LOL!) and then follow the link to the store to download the freebie from the link below!

"rules" for the challenge:

Click on link below to go get your freebee, and then use it to scrap a page about someone you respect, admire or love, and who, in your eyes, is a “real peach”! Don’t forget, the only rule of our MINI KIT Challenges is that you MUST use EVERYTHING in the kit in order to be entered into the drawing for the prize! You can use other things too, but you have to use at least a bit of everything in the kit!

Deadline for posting your submissions in the You're a Peach Gallery or for all of the challenges (for the Gift Certificate drawing anyway) is Friday, April 11th at Noon EST we’ll announce all of our winners after that!

Click HERE if you have NO interest in reading my VERY FUNNY blog post (SIGH) on the Scrap Orchard blog and if you ONLY want to head over to Scrap Orchard and to download your FREE Mini Kit!! (insert best guilt inducing "mother" SIGH here) he he he!


MaggieM said...

I'm giving you another Mother's sigh right back. I have never visited your site before, I loved the peach mini, and for the first time was tempted to join a challenge on another site but my regular....These kits are adorable. However I can't get thru the darn store. I registered, and I can't get the little more "best Mother's" sighs from this end. lol

Jeanann said...

I love the peach kit. I'm downloading it now. Hopefully I'll find the time to scrap something with it.

Great job.

scrappinmint said...

Cute kit! I'm heading over there now, and of course will read your ever so witty blog post first. :)

MaggieM said...

YIPPPEEEEEEE I kept trying and finally got the Peach Free Download. Big "Mother's Sigh" of relief. Thank you for this cute kit. I must be a dummy, cause I sure had trouble getting it. I'll learn the ropes, eventually. hehehee.

Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

I'm on my way over to the Orchard Blog. It opens every morning in my Firefox Morning Coffee and its the next tab down. I can think of some peaches in my life but not sure if I have pictures of them. I'll have to give this one some though. Thanks for the fun.

FreebieFinder said...

Thank you, this freebie will be in todays post on the freebie finder blogger.