Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scrap Orchard Digi Kit for FREE!

Just pretty pretty pretty please sign up for our newsletter! It's easy, it's free and IF YOU DO IT TODAY... you'll get this kit for FREE!!

we also have a new mega kit that I LOOOOOOVE! (for obvious reasons! LOL) called Maui Breeze (my vote was Oahu Breeze, but it didn't have the same ring to it! he he he)

Here is what IT looks like (it's CHEAP for 5.00, but a STEAL when you buy 10.00 worth of stuff from Scrap Orchard and get it for FREE!!!)

Hmmm... I like it SOOOO much that maybe I'll make an add on freebie for you guys back here on "The Plantation!" Because I really need to spend some more time with you all...I've been neglecting you I know! But the good news is that I'm working hard on making my classes a reality AND... despite my air mattress POPPING (yes, you read correctly) POPPING in the middle of the night last night (hmmm... a story you'd like to hear?) I'm finally finding enough time to get a little sleep to do a little designing!!

Come on! Head over to the orchard and sign up for our newsletter ('s going out later today and this will be your only chance to get the scrap orchard kit for free!) and pick up Maui Breeze! Click HERE or on the top image to head on over, register for the newsletter and get your free kit!!!

Aloha ladies!!



Scrapping Mom of 5 said...

I really think you guys need to go buy a cheap mattress to use for the duration. You could always donate it charity before you leave. I know you've been busy at the Orchard. I've been having fun as well. I still need to finish the last challenge as it was storming here off and on all day and so my computer had to stay off. Every time I would think okay the worst is over it would start thundering again. What a wasted day.

jaye said...

Thank you for making me smile. I look forward to seeing your posts (even snuck on at work today....sssshhhhh don't tell them). I am having a blast over at the Orchard also.

scrappinmint said...

Ooooh, I don't know what to be more excited about, the great freebees, new kits and challenges at the Orchard or the great classes you're going to do! Yay!! I was just thinking about that the other day. I just thought that you were way too busy with your ten million other things to start thinking about teaching classes. I'm really looking forward to them. Ugh, I'm so far behind on challenges and blogs at Scrap Orchard (and I really need to check out the market better!). I've spent the past week at the hospital visiting with my mom and just haven't had time to scrap anything but one page (to help keep my sanity) I better get busy! Deadlines coming up and I have yet to gather any apples I adore, plums that are on the crazy side or pears that I want to cozy up to. Yikes!

And I agree with mom of 5- go buy an inexpensive mattress. You've got quite a while before your back to your own real bed.

Shari82199 said...

I so agree, go buy yourself a mattress. Or what about a rent-a-center? I hear you can rent a bed and they even come and set it up and take it down when you are done.

As for the newsletter bonus. What about those of us that already get the newsletter, is there any way for us to get it?

I can't wait to see what the classes are going to be. I so need to expand my abilities in Photoshop.


Jessica said...

Hi Shauna! I'm sorry to bother you when you're already so busy, but I never got the newsletter kit and I know I signed up for it. (double checked and everything!) I know things are crazy for you right now and I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait til the Orchard is up and running again, so whenever you get the chance could you just let me know if I can still get that great kit? ( Thanks! Jessica

grambie said...

HELP!! I haven't been able to get to the newsletter to join in since I receive your email regarding the opening. I was finally able to get through to the opening page of Scrap Orchard but no further. It tells me that is closed. And before, I got an error message regarding the blowout,LOL, my name for the overload. I finally decided to leave you a messaage here, but know that you are tied up trying to get things together. I see where some were able to get through and joined the challenge using your kit. I have tried both IE and Firefox thinking it was my browser. Of course, I get info from this current site, but unable to signin for the store. I am anxious browse even if I can't shop. That way I can get my list together. I met all of you through the Sunshine Girls' Easter Egg Blog Hunt. I purchased a few of your items along with the SS Blog Walking on Sunshine which is a monster of a fantastic kit. I will try periodically throughout the day to get signed up for the newsletter of which I am anxious to join and to take the upcoming classes. Congratulation to everyone involved for the humungous success of your grand opening. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO