Friday, April 11, 2008

The Orchard is beginning to blossom!

But we're not blooming completely!

In other words, WE LOOK GOOD! But the fruit's not quite ripe enough to eat! LOL!

Poor Mel is working day and night (literally, so go leave her some love would you??) to get SO back up and fully functioning... and she's doing a BANG up job, but there are a few more bugs (like at the time I post this 1:35 a.m. HST (7:35 a.m. EST) you can't put stuff in your cart to check out YET... yikes! LOL a BIG BUG for us! ha ha ha!)

But it's just a matter of time!!! So keep checking back ok? And BTW... I am going to give you guys a blog freebie later today or tonight if it KILLS ME! So come back later ok???

Night ladies! It's off to my air mattress... (no... no "real" bed yet... Kami doesn't pay me enough to buy one! LOL)


scrappinmint said...

Definitely will go leave some love for Mel! She is doing a great job of getting Scrap Orchard up and running so quickly. I keep checking back several times a day to see what's going on.
I see the gallery is working but didn't want to post LO just yet in fear of slowing down the setup process. Let us know when it's okay to go ahead and post comments and LO.
As far as freebies, I think you have enough going on without worrying about giving us a freebie. :) Giving us Scrap Orchard is good enough for me! I love that place. The only thing is I wish it had forums (besides the galleries) to post in. Maybe eventually?
Anyway, I'm off to get more coffee,haven't had quite enough to transfuse me yet.
Have a good night!! :)

TheKyRainbow said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hi Shauna. After a very long and (very) stressful week, I sat down this morning with my coffee and went back and read all (yes, ALL) of your blog, lol. Ever tried to laugh yourself silly, and do it silently? I almost choked 4 times, lol, but the soon to be dh is still sleeping so I guess I succeeded, lol. Anyway...just wanted to say that your blog is killer and I love reading what you have to say. BUT...I'm still waiting for the story on the mattress popping, lol. (this is funny to me because I've slept on an air mattress before, for almost 6 months, oh the fun, lol)
Anyway, have a great Friday! :)

Donna said...

Once the Orchard reopens, EVERYONE needs to purchase one item that is Shauna's...we need to make HER sales rocket so the poor soul can go buy a mattress!!!
Been there,done that with an air mattress, and it sucks big time. If she doesn't sleep well, then her creative juices might slow and that will effect all of us!! Buy something of Shauna's to help yourselves!!!!!

Sheila said...

I was successful in loading my UR a Peach LO!!! YAY!!!!!
I'm so excited for you guys.

jaye said...

You are all amazing and I will let Mel know also. Here's my excitement.......I've been hanging out at the Orchard and Plantation so often that it broke my phone line! I was w/o phone and internet (that's the one that killed me) all yesterday!

grambie said...

Thanks for your wonderful tutorial with the burn and Dodge Tool. I love those tools and use them often with the 50/50 layer as the last step in my layouts when I want to add a little activity to my edges throughout my layout. It is so wonderful to view the various methods for comparison. I always appreciate your willingness and heart-felt caring to see that we learn the best through your tutorials, plus giving us extra tools relevant to that specific tutorial. It just reveals the love that you feel for your fellowman. You are just so precious and I know that you are one of a precious few, Our Angel here on Earth. HUGS!!!