Saturday, April 19, 2008

I showed you mine... now you show me YOURS!

Fancy Pants that is! Megan (Flergs from Scrapbook Graphics) and I were chatting one night and talking about "words" that we like... Fancy came up, and one of us said... ha ha ha "Fancy Pants" "Ohhh" the other said, "what a great name for a kit!" LOL! I began working on it and without even another word between us she did too! Another nightly chat several days later and darn it if she didn't show me her preview... (of her COMPLETED kit - she can knock out a kit in NO time, it's CRAZY!) I was like "noooo way" and sent her a few of the things that I had been working on with a similar pallet! LOL

So... short story long...LOL... we decided to make have a fun little "blog war" and ask our bloggers to answer the question... "Whose pants are fancier?" Oh..not the kits...LOL they're both WAY too fancy to ask such a question... we want to know... literally... who's PANTS are fanciest... YOUR PANTS...LOL! SHOW US YOUR FANCIEST PANTS!! LOL

So here's the challenge... use one or both of our kits to create a fabulous layout showing some FANCY PANTS (yours, your kids', some fancy ones you saw online, maybe some great bell bottoms your mom made you wear back in the 60's...whatever) but do a layout and post it in our galleries and this time next week Megs will pick one random winner from HER GALLERY at Scrapbook Graphics and I will pick one random one from MY GALLERY at Scrap Orchard!

Hmmmm... you might ask yourself... if I post my more than one layout does that increase my chances of winning? IT DOES!

And hey...Shauna... if I post my layouts in BOTH galleries does it increase my chances of winning? IT SURE DOES!!

And hey! Shauna! If I post my layouts in BOTH galleries and DST and tons of other places on the net does that guarantee me winning??? NO, no it does not. (but it might make me happy enough to RAK you my next kit! LOLOL!)

Plus... you have the added bonus of posting your layouts at Scrap Orchard while Tammy, Kami, Kim and I are looking to "hand pick" a few new site CT members.... so keep that in mind!

So here's the breakdown...

  • Purchase either my fancy pants by clicking HERE to go to my store or by clicking HERE to purchase Megs' Fancy Pants at her store.
  • Create one (or more) fabulous layouts using one of our kits
  • Post the completed layouts HERE in my gallery or HERE in Megs' gallery, OR double your chances of winning and post them in both!
  • Make sure that your layouts are posted in the galleries this time next week. That gives you 7 whole days and no excuses! LOL
Oh yea! Hey Shauna! What can we win if we show you our Fanciest Pants? Well the answer to that is that 2 lucky winners will each get $20.00 in scrappin' stuff! ($10.00 from Megs' store and $10.00 from my store!)

So, dig out those old (or if you're very special... current) fancy pants photos and get scrappin'!

Don't forget! If you purchase either of these kits before 6:00 a.m EST on Monday April 20th you'll get an additional 20% off of each kit! Just go to our stores and use the coupon code PANTSYFANTS before checking out!


eph2810 said...

What a neat challenge :) I have just the perfect photo in mind too - is a really old one - I might have to do something to the photo (it will be a scanned one)...

jaye said...

Just wanted to pop in and say I just got your kit. Love the rich colours! Sorry though no 'fancy pants' to scrap.

scrappinmint said...

Ooooh, I missed so much being gone for a week! I wish I had known what the challenge was going to be before I went to my mom's I could have gotten some great "fancy pants" pictures. (I'm a child of the 60's and 70's so there are some great ones.)
Heck,I'd settle for any picture to scrap at the moment. I came home to a broken computer and had to do a total restore and lost 3 years worth of pictures! Ugh. Nothing to digi-scrap that doesn't have to be scanned now. :( Not to mention losing all my youngests pictures from birth up to now.
So I'm starting over and hope to have something to scrap and add to the Orchard's galleries soon.

ScrapShana said...

What a fabulous contest! Love the new kit!

jaye said...

Mines's up in your gallery, but I titled it SpongeBob Favourite'll see why.

Love this kit.