Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ok, I'm early... but the word is out!

There's a leak! And the leak is me! LOL I posted on DST and Megs put out her newsletter with my surprise and so I better get my butt here and post it right?? LOL

Ok my lovely bloggers... here is my new kit!!! FANCY PANTS!

and even though it's not in my store for EVERYONE... it IS in my "secret" store, or as Megs calls it... her "warehouse" JUST FOR YOU GUYS!! (and for Megs' Newsletter people) AND for 20% OFF only through Sunday night!

Just follow my super secret passageway (ok, not so super secret, it being here on my blog and all, but until I get a newsletter of my own, it will have to do! LOL) and get it if you want it!

Click here for my Super Secret Passageway to my Super Secret Store! and don't forget the coupon PantsyFants!!

HINT HINT... you'll need it for the challenge that Megs and I will be co-hosting on wont want to miss it, it is going to be a HOOT!!

Oh! Did I forget to mention that my dear friend Megs has her very OWN Fancy Pants!!! Check it out! It will be in her STORE at Scrapbook Graphics on Monday! (sorry ladies... you could have gotten hers early and for less too if ONLY you had subscribed to her newsletter! - what? You didn't KNOW she had a newsletter? Well check out her BLOG and sign up!!!)



TheKyRainbow said...

waaaaah!! lol My scrapping budget is already blown for this month. Sigh.....I guess I will have to sit this challenge out and grab this gorgeous!!! kit next month!

Jenn said...

Oh i love it but the coupon dont seem to be working.


Pineapple Plantation Designs said...

Don't forget ladies, type the coupon just as it is... capitals and all! PantsyFants.


Kathy said...

Love this - the colors are perfect for my DD's morp [prom backwards]
definitely adding it to my wish list as the colors are prefect. KayJay

Jen said...

Do we have to buy both kits for the challenge? I can't afford both this month, but would love to participate.