Friday, May 16, 2008

A gift for a Friend...

I'll admit, this is a shameless promotion of the newest kit in my store, but it's for a REALLY good cause.... The kit? "Gift for a Friend" and here it is... please read my product description! And then check the kit out for yourself in my store HERE





Sincerely touched... the only two words that can describe how I felt when I received this gift from some of my dearest friends in this designing community, The Sunshine Girls. The gift came in response to a request that I had for my birthday. Instead of a gift card for some digi goodies, I asked my dear friends to contribute to a small fund that I had started for a friend of mine. A friend who had recently lost her dh to the war in Iraq. it wasn't the first first friend that my husband and I have lost to this war, unfortunately it will in all likelihood not be the last. But each time we lose a friend we try and support the family as best we can, and I thought it the least that I could do to send her a small something from me and my dear friends.

In response to my request, not only did these wonderful designers send me my gift to forward on to my friend, they also surprised me with this GORGEOUS kit to sell and to raise even more money for her and her children. Sincerely touched...and why I named the kit what I did... a gift FROM friends, to support and give a gift to another friend, isn't that what it's all about?

The proceeds of the sale of this kit, will go to my dear friend and her 5 children and after that gift is sent, will be set aside for a rainy day when perhaps such a gift might be needed once again. Let's all hope that it's set aside for quite awhile shall we?

Included in this BEAUTIFUL GIFT:

*34 GORGEOUS solid, patterned and textured papers
*Just under 60 beautifully designed Elements including bows, brackets, frames, flowers, tags, jewels, stitches,
wires, WordArt, ribbons, swirls, doodles, buckles, buttons and so much more!
*5 .PNG sheets of coordinating Glitter
*2 COMPLETE alphas, (one "clean" and one "grungy") uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation (English
+ foreign language alpha characters included!)
*6 Stunning 12x12 Quick Pages created by "Flergs" to coordinate with this kit!
*2 Beautiful pieces of Coordinating WordArt from Bethany at Elegant WordArt!

All together over 300 MB of gorgeous digi scrapping "stuff" (broken down into 8 easy to download zip files). A wonderful price and a wonderful gift for YOU to give!

Aloha my friends!

Again, you can find the kit HERE

I do have the kit (without the qp's and the word art) available separately as well as the quick pages!


Beth said...

I bought the kit yesterday - absolutely gorgeous! I'm honored to be able to help.

Kim said...

Wanted to thank the Sunshine Girls for putting this together for your birthday. I bought it. Would love to hear the grand total that you send to your friend.

kizgold said...

Hello! I love coming by your blog and popped in to let you know that you’ve been tagged:)… visit my blog to find out what to do next.

jen said...

We too have lost friends, and likely will again. My Love was fortunate enough to return uninjured twice. We are blessed. Thanks for caring for those who have been less fortunate.

God Bless,


surfinganalyst said...

beautiful kit. love the colors! you're a really great friend!:)