Thursday, May 15, 2008

Darn it ladies!! Quit breaking my site!!!!


The newest kit in my store... to benefit a friend who recently lost her husband in Iraq. Please click on the banner to see the whole kit!

OK SERIOUSLY LADIES! This is THE SECOND time that you have broken our site in less than 6 weeks!!! Every time we upgrade our server "stuff" and the tech guys ASSURE us that we're "good to go" you ladies go and prove them wrong! LOL! So sorry for the Orchard being closed today for a bit, but at least it wasn't a week this time right? he he he!

And speaking of HIGH TRAFFIC here at the Orchard, wasn't it JUST last week that we were introducing our 3,000th member? And now here we are, saying hello to number 4,000!! Congratulations "isalabergere" for being our latest winner of a Scrap Orchard store coupon...just for signing up! Isalbergere... check your PM for you coupon code!!

Thank you to ALL of you who have made our little Orchard "Bloom and Grow" soo quickly!

Now on to the "good stuff" more Free'bees' to highlight! As always (and ONLY because I am STILL getting emails from you guys asking me "Shauna! I want those freebees but I can't seem to find them"! LOL) remember that you must be REGISTERED WITH THE GALLERY in order to access our Free'bee's gallery and the So you think you can design gallery! Here are some more good ones for you!


Download the On the Vine Templates

Download Bassinet (please note that the elements in this kit were saved as .psd files so you will need photoshop to open them! Sorry!)

Download You, Stylish Lady!

Download these Great Templates!

Download this cute Floral Mini Kit!

Download this DYNO-Mite (sorry I couldn't resist) Mini Kit!

Aloha! And here's to Member number 5,000!!!

Shauna - Pineapple Plantation Designs


Stefani said...

I told you that it was going to break! LOL! I can't beleive it again! I guess you can have too much of a good thing.... see you tomorrow then...xo

thumper6423 said...

WOW! i think what you're doing for your friend is awesome! DH and I have been "fortunate" enough in that we've only lost one friend in Iraq, but it's not over yet. DH made it over and back once. I hope that 2nd time turns out the same. As a fellow military wife my heart truly goes out to those whose spouses don't come back.

Jud565 said...

After all of the festivities of NSD, I said I wasn't going to shop for awhile, but I'm making the exception for you and your cause. You're doing a great thing! Everyone should have a friend like you. I don't come from a military family, but I believe that it's the entire military family that are the true heroes of this country! God bless!

Jaime said...


verabear said...

What an awesome gift...
And what great designs available at the Orchard, I will sign up and wish to be the 5000th! hehehe :)